“School’s out for summer!!” Seems like just yesterday kids everywhere were singing this classic as they prepared for a summer of fun. Well, a few months have gone by, and now parents can relax as we all get ready for the new school year to start.  

There are tons of things to get for the transition back to school, from a new Trapper Keeper (did I just date myself?!) to clothes, pens, and countless other items to help kids put their best foot forward.  

Did you know that TCL can help support both academics and the all-important down time to unwind?  Here are a few great things to remember when considering tech for the new school year ahead:

  • All TCL Roku TVs have built-in Wi-Fi plus a dorm-room mode. This means that you can connect to virtually any wireless network to begin streaming. Additionally, all 4K TCL TVs have an ethernet port, so if your student’s dorm is hard-wired, you can connect right up and go! (Note the 3-Series is Wi-Fi only, so keep that in mind when deciding).
  • For TV favorites, there’s also a built-in tuner (ATSC, NTSC, and QAM-clear if you want the details!). So, if the dorm room has that signal, you can plug in and start watching!
  • The Roku OS not only gives you access to nearly endless entertainment, but it also has hundreds of educational streaming channels and games to keep the mind sharp.
  • Our 4K TVs can serve a great dual-role as a second computer monitor.  With multiple HDMI ports, and advanced features, they’re not only great TVs, but they can also be useful when paired with a computer.
  • When it’s time to unwind, our 4K TVs won’t disappoint! The latest (and legacy) game consoles deserve a great performing TV.  Our combination of 4K Ultra HD, a dedicated gaming mode, HDR support, and amazingly low input lag, make TCL TVs a favorite amongst the gaming community. In fact, that’s also why TCL is the official TV of Call of Duty, the best-selling console game franchise for the past decade! 
  • Dorm rooms can be crowded, and we all need our privacy.  All TCL Roku TVs have a built-in headphone jack (3.5mm) to lend a little peace and quiet when needed. Additionally, using the free Roku mobile app, you can connect your headphones to your smartphone or tablet to enjoy private listening without connecting a wire to the TV.
  • With screen sizes from a modest 32” to our wall-devouring 75” 4-Series and 6-Series models, there’s a TCL TV for anyone’s needs

Additionally, we’ve recently introduced new products to help get the most out of your entertainment while back at the dorm, and even on the go:

  • Movie night is always a great time to hang with friends and relax. TCL’s family of Alto sound bars can fill nearly any room with great theater sound. And, all of our sound bars come with every wire you’d need to get them connected, which means no more annoying trips back to the store because you forgot a cable!
  • When you need a break from hectic school life, TCL also has a wide range of headphones for anywhere entertainment! From fun, colorful earbuds, to gym-ready Bluetooth sets, to our premium noise-cancelling over-ear models with hi-res audio, we’ve got dozens of great options.

So parents, get their new clothes ready, their supplies in order, their “Don’t Panic” poster for their wall, and let TCL help in our small way to let them enjoy the new school year. They got this!