Basketball season is just around the corner! And if you’re anything like me then you are ready to see how all the new look squads will stack up. From the revamped Rockets with the Beard and Russ teaming up once again, to the battle of Los Angeles with the new look Lakers and Clippers, this season is sure to pack a lot of action with incredible matchups from day one.

With many looking to ditch traditional cable, but holding back for fear of losing live sports, it begs the question: How do I watch every hoops game without paying an arm and a leg for cable? Well rest assured, you can keep your arms and legs as I will go over some of the best streaming services to catch your favorite matchups!

YouTube TV

YouTube TV presents one of the best options for those looking to check every box on their list with a single subscription. With only one package of channels to choose from, YouTube TV make things incredibly simple by offering a do-it-all Lebron James-esque package with over 70 total channels. And yes, that includes ESPN, NBA TV, TNT and your local ABC channel as well for a monthly price of $49.99. Altogether this All-Star puts together a strong case as a hoops streaming MVP candidate.

PlayStation Vue

For those looking for a little more flexibility with different tiers of options, then PlayStation Vue is more than likely to have you covered. With flexible pricing ranging from $50 to $85 a month depending on your subscription offering, Vue has a pretty versatile roster that should be able lock up every position on your scouting report. And for those wondering, because I may or may not have asked the same question… contrary to the name of the service, you do NOT need to own a PlayStation to get access to this service. So, with or without a PlayStation you’ll be able to catch every lob from Curry’s out West to Kyrie’s back East without ever missing a beat.


AT&T TV Now, formerly DirecTV Now, comes with a huge roster of channels and offers a strong overall performance. Rounding out the top positions it includes all the must haves like NBA TV, ESPN, TNT and your local ABC channel as well. However, what sets this team apart is that it provides additional depth off the bench with Fox, CBS Sports and more. With the added depth does come the fact that snagging all the additional channels is a bit more expensive as it requires one of the more premium packages. However, if you’re looking for a premium offering of channels, this is the one for you.

Hulu with Live TV

We mentioned this star last year, but Hulu with Live TV is simply one of the best options you can roll with if you’re looking to cut the cord. Incredibly priced at $44.99, you get not only all of Hulu’s streaming content, but all the pros of Live TV as well! And of course, this means all the major sports channels like NBA, TNT and ESPN are covered. With all your major channels in addition to the included streaming content, Hulu definitely will be fighting all season long for the top seed in the league.

NBA League Pass

Last but certainly not least, NBA League Pass is a big one that offers a key skill that sets it apart from the rest. League pass is perfect for those who are looking to catch their favorite teams’ game even if they aren’t local! Say you’re a Dubs fan but living in Florida or a Knicks fan out in Texas (not sure if any of those exist), but you’ll be covered no matter where or who your root for. Single team subscriptions will run you $119.99 annually and the comprehensive “All Teams” package is priced a bit more at $199.99 a year if you’re looking to catch every team’s game throughout the season.

Just like that, you’re ready to catch all the biggest matchups this upcoming season. And with a multitude of first round picks to select from, you can rest assured that you’ll catch every dunk by Giannis to each game-winning dagger from Kawhi. So whichever squad you roll with, you’ll be comfortably under the salary cap without shelling out those monthly cable payments.