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It’s back, basketball is finally back. The new storylines, twitter beef, and trying to figure out how to stop Steph and the Warriors has this season set up to be an interesting one. While we’re starting this season, it’s important to ask, how do I even watch these games? What games can I watch? How much will I see LeBron and will he come through my TV and dunk on me? While the last question is fortunately a no, I’ll answer the other questions of how to watch in the rest of this blog.


The ABC family of networks is the place to be if you want to catch the NBA action this season. ABC itself, which is available and accessible if you have an antenna for your TV, shows plenty of Saturday and Sunday games starting in January, often featuring marquee match-ups with teams like the Lakers, Rockets, Warriors, and Celtics. Be sure to check local listings throughout the season to catch some of the games.

Sling TV Orange

Sling TV may be the best option for basketball fans out there. With Sling TV’s Orange plan, you get access to both ESPN and TNT, the two biggest basketball providers out there right now. With up to four games a week across the networks, this is the perfect plan for just $25/month. If you want to add NBA League pass to your Sling, you can do so in their special packages for just $29/mo, or $18 for just a single team subscription. Plus, for a limited time you can get a credit toward Sling when you purchase a TCL Roku TV!

NBA League Pass

Speaking of League Pass, it is available again this year with some fun features. With new VR technology rapidly advancing, NBA League Pass lets you in on the action from a virtual standpoint. For $50 or $7 a game, you can be a part of the immersive action. However, if VR’s not your kind of thing, you can buy single team subscriptions for the low low price of $120 a year or get access to every game for a cool $200. You can also go for $18 and $29 monthly, just like the Sling add-ons.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu’s latest is a big one. Hulu with live TV is kind of like Sling TV or PlayStation Vue if they were way better. You’re already paying for Hulu, so why not make the upgrade? For just $40 a month, you get access to all of Hulu’s TV you already love, in addition to over 50 channels of live TV including -- you guessed it -- the big channels for the NBA, TNT and ESPN. Don’t miss a second of nationally televised basketball and try Hulu with live TV.

There we have it, the best and brightest way to keep up with pro hoops action this season. Catch Steph and the Warriors, Kyrie and the Celtics, and Boogie and the Pelicans all season long in those nationally televised games with your Sling or Hulu with Live TV packages. See the Christmas day and late season push with your trusty antenna, and catch your favorite out of market team crush the competition with NBA league pass’ single team subscription. No matter which way you go, you’ll be Euro stepping all over your friends with cable.