Amazing food AND Amazing Television? What better combination could there possibly be? We put together a list of some of the best shows out there currently streaming and a unique dish that you can chow down on and feel like part of the action.

The Witcher

Kicking it off we have Henry Cavil’s monster fighting and demon slaying new fantasy show, The Witcher. It has been described by some as the successor to Game of Thrones as the next premier Fantasy show (definitely debatable). Now, what might one eat while dropping by a medieval pub in the world of The Witcher?

We figured we’d roll with a Polish dish seeing as Poland is where much of the show was filmed and of course where the original writer of the novels, Andrzej Sapkowski, is actually from. So, what better meal to pair with the show than the national dish of Poland, Bigos, or what it’s more commonly known as, Hunter’s Stew. Bigos is a traditional Polish stew that dates back hundreds of years. To make sure you rock your Hunter’s Stew, be sure you have the essentials including cabbage, sauerkraut and pork or really any smoked meat.


Next up we have HBO’s Watchmen series which serves as a follow up to the classic 1987 comic series largely set in New York. However, this iteration of the series takes a dramatically different approach in not just its style and pacing, but it also takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

So, this one was a bit tough for us to narrow down on one dish as nearly every essential Oklahoma dish includes something fried, be it chicken fried steak, fried okra, fried catfish or a fried onion burger. However, we decided to go with the chicken fried steak, seeing as it’s the official state food of Oklahoma and because it’s just so odd that there isn’t actually any chicken involved. It's essentially a steak that's prepared in the same way as a traditional fried chicken.


One of the hottest shows out there now, You, has been generating a lot of buzz as a binge-worthy psychological thriller. It follows a New York bookstore manager who falls in “love” with a customer he meets. Sounds pretty normal right? Ah forgot to mention he just happens to be a serial killer, so his version of love includes extreme obsession and occasional killing. Anyhow, what would one chow down on while watching a charming psycho run around the city chasing his "love"?

Yeah, we’re not quite sure either… I think the one thing that even a serial killer’s got to love is a great slice of Manhattan pizza (probably with pineapple since this guy’s a little psychotic). Is New York pizza a bit of a cop-out? Yeah kind of, but we couldn’t really narrow down on anything too specific here, so a good 'ol slice of pizza will have to do.

The Mandalorian

Here we are. The show that broke the internet. The show that inspired countless memes, gifs and toys that sell out in mere seconds. I think by now everyone has heard of The Mandalorian, Disney+’s first live action Star Wars series. Even bigger than the show itself we have “The Child” or as he is more commonly known as Baby Yoda (Spoiler, but not really a spoiler – He isn’t actually Yoda). At this point if you haven’t seen a meme of Baby Yoda sipping on some soup than it’s time you got up to speed with our new little green friend.

We figured his favorite dish, bone broth soup, was the way to go to set the mood. And if you’re feeling a bit more exotic, he’s also known to eat frog’s whole. We’re not saying you should head down to your local swamp and grab some frogs. But believe it or not, the French have popularized many versions of frog legs including fried, baked and boiled!

And there you have it, a few fun dishes to feature when you’re binging your next favorite show. Get your stove’s hot and your TV’s powered up and settle in for a tasty night of bingeing!