First, a brief history lesson: After the critical success of Star Wars, George Lucas and Tomlinson Holman (the “TH” in THX. “X” stands for “crossover” and pays homage to Lucas’s first film, THX 1138) wanted to bring new standards to how sound was recorded and played back on film so that movie-goers could enjoy an unrivaled experience in theatres. This shared vision led them to create Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi in 1983. Also, this collaborative effort resulted in creating the THX certification program. Cue the iconic & deafening noise that anyone alive in the '90s knows:


Since its founding, THX has become the quality assurance standard in delivering premium audio and visuals that meet the content creator’s vision. There are few names in the entertainment industry that are as revered and respected as THX, and no sound inspires more nostalgia.

At TCL, we’re always focused on bringing new technologies and innovations to market that elevate home entertainment. That’s what motivates us to work with equally innovative partners, like THX, to ensure that our customers get the best possible experience when watching the latest blockbusters or playing their favorite video games.

With that goal in mind, TCL is extremely proud to announce the newest generation of the 6-Series will be the world’s first TV to have THX Certified Game Mode!

Next-Level Gaming Performance

In a black site most likely located underneath Marshall College or perhaps in a galaxy far, far away, TCL’s 6-Series TV was strapped to a chair where it underwent over 400 different tests to ensure color accuracy, panel performance, and video processing power ensuring the TV can reproduce the content creator’s intentions accurately in stunning picture quality. After flipping through the swamp with Baby Yoda on-screen and outrunning a boulder, the 6-Series emerged as the first TV with THX Certified Game Mode.  With THX Certified Game Mode, TCL’s next-generation 6-Series will transport you into the world of the game with rich, vibrant colors and dramatic contrast, setting a new standard in big-screen gaming performance.

thx game mode


TCL’s newest 6-Series with THX Certified Game Mode will enable gamers to enjoy more of the entertainment they love, now optimized for an even more immersive and responsive experience. With this new certification, you can enjoy all the benefits of a fantastic gaming experience, including:

Color – Some games are intentionally brighter and more saturated than movies. THX Game Mode ensures all picture settings are carefully adjusted to deliver precise, accurate colors. It’s like a movie, but you move things.

Speed – Console warriors rejoice! TVs with THX Game Mode are required to have a refresh rate of 120 Hz or higher. More frames per second means motion will look smoother without blur.

Input Lag – TCL TVs with THX Certified Game Mode have low latency to ensure the image and controllers are in sync, so players can see and react to action instantly with minimal lag. Game Mode ensures this immediacy and switches off any unnecessary video processing.

Real Time – With games only getting prettier, THX Certified Game Mode ensures low dark-to-light rise time transitions, which determines how fast the display can change from dim to bright so that nothing is missed in fast-paced gameplay.

Clarity – Judder and smear reduction keep the picture crisp, while black frame insertion or backlight scanning can improve the look of moving objects. And let’s be honest, what games highlight “slow-paced action!”?

Smart - Our TVs with THX Certified Game Mode will automatically switch to THX Game Mode with compatible consoles and PCs – so simple you won’t need a stiff drink after explaining it to your parents, it just works.

The Best TVs for Gaming Keep Getting Better

TCL has long held a reputation for strong gaming performance, but this year brings exciting enhancements that will lead to even more engaging gaming sessions. So, whether your favorite titles include the hottest, stunningly beautiful open-world game, or the fast-paced action of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the next-generation 6-Series with THX Certified Game Mode and a host of new technologies will continue to raise the bar and take your game to the next level. It might not make you Ninja or Shroud, but it definitely won’t not make you Ninja or Shroud. Jus’ sayin’.  Why risk it?