As the old saying goes, “smaller is better…”

Oh wait, that’s not it.

Whether it’s engine displacement, steaks, or lottery winnings… bigger is most definitely better!

With the Super Bowl approaching, excitement for getting a new Big Screen TV reaches a fever pitch every year! 

At TCL we are a big part of providing great BIG TVs for our users in every price and performance level.  And 2023 is no different. Let’s look at some exciting facts to put you in the right frame of mind to experience the Super Bowl the way it was intended: Bigger and Better!

  • For only the second time in history, the Super Bowl will be broadcast in 4K, delivering 4x the resolution of the old 1080p broadcasts! Every slant, sweep, blitz and play-action-pass will be much more lifelike than ever!
  • My research shows that currently, only about half the homes in America have a 4K TV. With a seemingly nonstop tsunami of great 4K content coming from streaming partners and broadcasts, the time is perfect to jump on a great deal on a 4K TV.
  • Most streaming services recommend a pretty low threshold (most less than 40mbps) of internet speed to be able to enjoy 4K streaming. Many internet providers I have seen have packages starting at 100mbps.

MVP Status

TCL has a secret sauce for being able to provide BIG screens for our customers: vertical integration.  The easiest way to understand that? Everything inside a TCL is TCL: from the panel to the backlight, to the processors, to the feet—it’s all made by TCL.

What this means is that we control the entire manufacturing process, allowing for higher levels of quality, better performance and reliability, and ultimately more satisfied users.

Not having to pay a “middleman” for markups on the hundreds of items that comprise a TV, we are able to keep costs in check and provide you with some of the best values out there!

Draft Your Big Screen Lineup

Let’s talk about BIG. TCL is a HUGE part of the expanding “85-inch and over” segment. Our 98” QLED TV, in particular, has been placed alongside flagship TVs from other brands in reviews and roundups and has held its own quite well, thank you. That’s even despite being well under the price of those flagship models!

Our famous 6-Series TV, perhaps the most awarded TV in the TV business, outdid itself once again this past year arriving with an 85” screen size for the first time—our biggest Mini-LED TV to date! HINT: for the best brightness, you want Mini-LED TV, a technology TCL pioneered and continues to lead in!

Our 5-Series, often described as a “killer QLED TV value” continues to offer an incredible performance value in screen sizes up to 75”. Another hint: Only QLED LED TVs deliver a picture using the same color palette and brightness that is used by the people making your movies and TV shows!

But perhaps the award for most “holy cow you got that big TV for only how much?!” goes to our 4-Series. If you want what I feel is the best bang-for-the-buck TV in all the land, you’ll want to check out the larger versions of our 4-Series!

Big Screen, Made Accessible

Big on value certainly doesn’t mean small on features! All 4-Series TVs offer stunning 4K resolution. For us nerds, that’s over 33,000,000 pixels, updated 6 times a second when watching TV! I often say that watching TV is magic!

Add to that support for HDR, which I feel is the single biggest improvement in picture quality in a generation. HDR delivers all the brightest whites, inkiest blacks, and most vibrant colors we all want. 

You also get great connectivity for all your devices, from HDMI to WiFi, to nice touches like a headphone jack, almost whatever you have can be plugged right in.  Did you know that our awesome 85” 4-Series TV can be had for well under $1,500? That’s a screaming deal!

All these awesome BIG TVs can fit on a stand or can be easily mounted on a wall.  Our 85” 4-Series weighs in at just about 100 lbs!  That’s what a 50” TV weighed just a few short years ago! 

As far as BIG, it’s great to know that our BIGGEST TVs also have way more screen and way less cabinet than ever.  Mounting them on the wall has never been a better choice!  Our 85” TVs are only about a hand width wider than a 65” TV than just a few years ago, while providing over 70% more viewing area!

One of my favorite things is how TCL’s amazing engineers not only made great performers, but they thought about customers who need to handle the TV once it’s in their home, too!  On several of our largest TVs, you don’t even need to lay it down to put the feet on our install the wall mount!  The packing itself is designed to do all the heavy lifting for you!

Brilliant, right?!

Perfect time to go BIG

So, with the Super Bowl right around the corner, at TCL we want you to have it all!  The best performance, the best value, and the best experience… we just can’t help with the wings! 

As the Official TV of the NFL, we’re making it easy to upgrade. Starting this month, experience some of our best big screen deals—ever. Visit your favorite retailers and upgrade to a TCL big screen TV in time for Super Bowl LVII.

Now, if we can just get my Pats where they belong, everything will be perfect!