One of the good things that has come out of this past year-and-a-half is that people have been pushing us manufacturers to provide better ways to stay entertained, stay informed, and stay in touch. 

With TCL, whether you choose one of our award-winning Roku TVs, an Android TV, or a TCL TV with Google TV, you are bound to enjoy more.

Cam you believe it?

With the exciting launch of our new 5-Series and 6-Series TVs featuring Google TV, TCL is proud to offer yet another way to stay in touch with friends, family, and dare I say it, coworkers.

What makes this possible is the introduction of our new Full HD USB Camera. Exclusively for TCL TVs with Android TV or Google TV, getting one of these cameras means you’re literally moments away from reaching out to the world! 

The steps could not be simpler: Just place your camera on top of the TV, adjust the lower arm so it securely attaches (magnetically!) to the back of the TV, and plug in the camera to the TV’s USB port.  **POOF** You are ready to make full HD, 1080p calls.

Simple, High-Quality Video Chat
USB Camera for TV

Start a video chat by using your remote to navigate… Nope, scratch that… Our new Google TV models have Google Assistant built-in! Simply saying, “Hey Google, open Duo,” launches the Duo app. Duo is a free, high-quality video calling app that lets you quickly connect with someone whether they’re on another TV, on their phone, a tablet, or even a web browser.

To the left of your screen is a directory, where you can search for a contact or group. When chatting, there’s a picture-in-picture view from your camera. Of course, there’s also a nice, big, friendly picture of the person you are calling front-and-center! 

You can make one-on-one calls, easily message a friend that you have joined, and even quickly create groups so that family from Boston to Bangor to Bellevue (yes, I used “Hey Google” to find that last city) can all stay in touch—even all at once—up to 32 people!

Naturally, everyone wants to feel secure in their communications. That’s why Duo uses end-to-end encryption, which lets you know that your video calls and messages stay private between you and the people you’re talking to.

A Bigger Experience

With more time at home, people are focusing more on big screen entertainment. Let’s face it, we’ve all grown to expect more from our TVs as a result. A common question I get from my kids is, “if my little phone can do it, why can’t this giant TV?” And now, it’s easy to expect—and get—much more from our big screens.  

At TCL, providing products like the new Full HD USB Camera, along with great TVs featuring Android TV and Google TV, we continue our goal of bringing you joy and simplicity through the thoughtful execution of technology.