At TCL, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are vertically integrated

Simply put, what that means is that we make all our own stuff! 

In fact, CSOT, the panel manufacturing arm of TCL, has the capacity to produce 170 million panels annually!

So, what does all of this mean to you?!

This capability lets TCL bring great offerings to the market, with incredible technical innovations, a long list of features, and amazing performance. Plus, we deliver it to you at an incredible value.

We’re making big screen easy

This leads us to our family of 98" TVs—available now. 

That’s right: family. For 2023, TCL has not one, not two, but three incredible 98" TVs available for every type of home theater.

But first, let’s address the 800-pound gorilla in the room: these TV’s aren’t 800 pounds.

Getting a 98" installed in your home isn’t the same daunting task that is was to get a “big screen TV” delivered a generation or so ago… The 40" tube TV I used to have weighed over 300 pounds and was 3 feet deep!

So, if you and a couple of buddies are installing one of our new 98" TVs, you’ll only have to each lift about 40 pounds each!

Also, speaking of lifting, did you know that whether you are wall-mounting the TV or placing it on a stand, you never have to lay the TV flat?! Not only does the box open and slide off horizontally (no need to unbox it in a room with 12’ ceilings!), but also, you install the feet or the wall bracket with the TV sill sitting in the packing Styrofoam on the bottom.

TCL engineers thought of everything, it seems!

Gameday is getting more epic

Not that you’ve realized getting this immersive TV into your home isn’t the challenge you thought it might be, think about how much more screen you get compared to the overall size of your TV!

If you are replacing an old 65" TV, for example, your new 98" will have more than 125% more viewing area, yet amazingly, it’s less than 24" wider, only 5" taller, it’s thinner, and weighs roughly about the same!

Once it’s on the wall, you’ll really soak in what the 98" is all about. It is immersive.

That’s the whole point, isn’t it?  Nobody ever said, “we need to get to the movies early otherwise all the back row seats will be taken,” or, “I can’t wait to test out my new binoculars, I’ve got to get those seats in row ZZZ for the Big Game!”

No, we want to feel like we’re part of the action!

***Warning*** Nerd content ahead…

Our eyes and brain see some things differently. 

The foveal, or direct vision, allows for maximum acuity and contrast sensitivity in a small region around the gaze position, whereas peripheral vision allows for a large field of view, albeit with lower resolution.

Moviemakers know about this stuff! That is why the important parts of a scene take place more often in the middle of the screen, while the outer edges are used to draw us into each scene.

If your TV screen is small enough that your foveal vision is doing all the watching, and your peripheral vision is seeing all the things around your TV – paintings and pictures on the wall, your décor, etc. – then you won’t feel as if you were part of the movie.

Experts at THX say we should view things with a 36-degree field-of-view for the best experience. With a 98” TV, that puts us in the 10’ viewing distance.

That size and perspective is exactly what gives us the feel-good vibes we get sitting in a great seat in the middle of an immersive venue, like the historic TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood or a stadium!

Big screen family

We’ve discussed what makes a 98” TV so impactful. Now, let’s look at which TCL 98” TV is right for you.

Our newest is the 98” 4K TV, part of our S Class of TVs (98S550G). It features an amazing picture with great performance from 4K Ultra HD, a 120Hz native refresh rate, Wide Color Gamut, HDR Ultra (including Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, HDR10, & HLG), TCL AIPQ Gen 3 Engine, a FullView metal bezel-less design, and great gaming features like VRR and Game Accelerator 240 for up to 240 VRR gaming!

Imagine playing the new Call of Duty® Modern Warfare III on this TV?!?!

If the best experience for movies and sports matters most (as well as offering the latest gaming features!) our 98” QLED TV (98R754) adds Quantum Dot color. TCL introduced the world’s first big-screen Quantum Dot TV back in 2015. Since then, we’ve continued to build on this amazing technology. This model also adds a Full Array backlight with Local Dimming that can give you the blackest-blacks and whitest-whites on screen at the same time!

If you want the best of both worlds and you crave the ultimate home theater experience, we proudly offer our 98” Mini-LED TV (98QM850G) – simply, our best TV. Ever.

With industry-leading brightness with up to 2,000+ nits of peak brightness, and up to 2,300+ local dimming zones, this TV packs a punch! The QM8's impressive performance has even led respected TV reviewers like Digital Trends' Caleb Denison to proclaim, "This TV needs to be on everyone’s shortlist. And I do mean everyone."

We’ve made big screens a big deal

ALL of these immersive sets are available today, well under $10,000! This week, you can even get a 98” TV for just $3,999

We’ve built an amazing family 98” TVs that are more accessible than ever, while still making for a premium home theater experience. As Official TV Partner of the NFL, we’re excited to have you unwrap that stadium feeling and celebrate the holidays right now!