TCL’s new line of Breeva Air Purifiers offers you simple ways to breathe easy. Having our excellent 5-stage filtration led me to want to highlight 5 things that I love most about this unique line of air purifiers, in no particular order.

Powerful Filtration with Breeva ShieldTM

There are many different types of debris or pollutants in our homes. That’s why we created Breeva Shield, a powerful 5-stage filtration system to address different particles that may be present, and ensure your indoor air quality is at its best.

Breeva Shield includes a pre-filter for large debris like pet hair, a True HEPA (H13) filter that removes 99.97% of airborne particles, an Activated Carbon filter that works to eliminate smoke and odors, UV-C sterilization to help get rid of bacteria and other microorganisms, and Anion technology that helps settle finer particles.

Cleaner Air, Faster.

Between powerful fans and a 360-degree air intake, your room can get purified in as little as 12 minutes, and can filter an entire 365 square foot room up to 5-times per hour!

Simply Smart Control

There are several ways to control Breeva. First is the control panel on the front. Smart units let you also use your voice in your Alexa-powered smart home, or simply say “Hey Google” in your Google-powered Smart Home. 

My favorite way to control Breeva is using the cool TCL Home App on your Android or iOS devices to control, monitor, and check the status of things like filter replacement. Finally, you can also use the TCL Home Console on select TCL TVs to control your Breeva—smart home control without interrupting your entertainment!

Multiple Fan Speeds

Not all that huge in and of itself, but two really cool settings are Auto mode, which means when the dog sheds, or the cooking gets a little hectic, Breeva will ramp up the speed as needed automatically, then slow down when the air is purified. There’s even a Sleep mode which is quiet…I mean QUIET…. Like “is this thing on” quiet. Luckily, you can always check the status on your app, the console on the unit, or the Home Console on your TV 😊.

There’s a Breeva Just for You

Breeva is available in three models, so you can find the one that’s perfect for any room of the house. Our Breeva A2 is for a smaller room, home office, or bedroom, and covers up to about 181 ft2.

Stepping up to the A3 gives you capacity for a larger room, up to about 246t2, plus things like a helpful ambient light, UV-C protection, and even better sensors to monitor your air quality.

Finally, the A5 gives your largest room up to almost 365ft2 the clean air you want, plus all the great features found on the Breeva A3.

All Breeva models are available in black or white to match your room. Plus, they feature a modern design, so Breeva truly combines great form and function to inspire greatness, lend more comfort, and prmote a heathier lifestyle. 

Clean air at home is more important than ever, and TCL’s Breeva air purifiers delivers in virtually any room. Powerful filtration, thoughtful design, smart control. It's air purification, made refreshingly simple.