What a crazy 18 months we have all lived through. 

We all had to live with the stress of extra cleanliness, being careful of our surroundings, and avoiding any and all germs and bacteria. We even created new mainstream phrases like “social distancing” and “self quarantine.”

While these were novel times for most of us, some families have to live with this reality EVERY DAY after their child is diagnosed with Cancer. 

Cancer and its treatments often require suppressing the immune system and creating a vulnerability to the child. To avoid getting that child sick, the ENTIRE family has to change their behaviors, much like we have all done since March, 2020.

As a parent, the horror of my child being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease is something that I cannot fully imagine; but only because the horror of it is too much for my mind to bear. But for many families, they have to deal with even more onerous challenges.

For many families, simply getting safe and reliable transportation for their child from home to their treatments is an obstacle that stands in the way of a successful outcome. For many under-served families, they may not have a car. Or, if they do, Dad might need it to get to his job in order to keep the family fed and a roof over their head.

This is where the Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF) comes in! ENF’s primary mission is to ensure that NO CHILD MISSES A CANCER TREATMENT BECAUSE OF TRANSPORTATION.  

By ensuring that these kids can receive their treatment when their Doctors say it is needed, they have their best chance at a successful outcome!

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Why is a TV salesperson talking about Cancer? 

The TCL team is more than just a company, a brand, or a group of people. When we were building this company in North America in 2014, we built it with four key pillars of “who we are going to be and how we are going to behave.” We called this group of rules #TCLcares. 

These four simple rules are what we expect everyone on our team to follow and they are required to shape our decisions every day.

#TCLCARES FOR OUR USERS - It is our responsibility to add joy and simplification to their lives by innovating and advancing technology.  This extends to the products we offer as well as an award-winning customer advocacy team that ensures that every interaction with TCL is one that ends in delight.

#TCLCARES FOR OUR EMPLOYEES - It is our commitment to provide an environment that embraces diversity, excellence, learning, and laughter.  This commitment is just one of the reasons why TCL has been certified consistently as a "Great Place to Work."

#TCLCARES FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT - We have an obligation to minimize our footprint on the planet our users and employees call home.  When you look at the awards that TCL has received from the EPA as well as other organizations, it becomes obvious that we are meeting those goals.

#TCLCARES FOR THE COMMUNITIES WE SERVE - We are all one and we are committed to find ways to give back and make a positive impact. We encourage our team to get involved in a myriad of ways. This can mean group activities like cleaning up beaches, packing and donating snack bags to the local Children’s Hospital, donating TVs to the local homeless shelter, supporting Special Olympics athletes, or many other individual efforts that our team-members take on personally. The key is to make the world a little better place!

Support ENF Hope Ride with Emilio program

As we have done for years, the TCL team is dedicating the month of September, National Childhood Cancer Awareness month, to raising funds for the Emilio Nares Foundation. Our goal is to raise $100,000 by employees, friends, suppliers, and others, to help these kids get the treatment they so desperately need and surely deserve. 

If you would like to help, please visit go.tcl.com/enf to learn more and make a donation!

Ride with Emilio

I am certainly very fortunate to be part of America’s Fastest Growing TV brand™. But more so, I am lucky to be part of a team and an organization that recognizes and relishes in the opportunity to make the world a better place!