Whether you are the person who already has most of your shopping done, presents wrapped and organized, with each person’s own wrapping paper (my wife), or you are the person running around looking for an open gas station the night of Christmas Eve (me), everyone could use a little advice on a unique gift for that special someone.

At TCL, we have a wide array of items to brighten the holidays for friends and family.

Bigger Screen, Better Gift

We are best known for our TVs, and this last year has shown that bigger-is-better! 

We now have TVs ranging from a convenient 32” up to a wall-devouring 98-inch! With TVs of all sizes, we also have them to fit every performance need.

The simply smart 3-Series offers great performance, solid features at a super value.

The stunning picture of our 4-Series can get you not only a better picture with 4K resolution and HDR, but also bigger sizes (up to 85”), all at a shocking value!

Things get fun for the serious videophile with our 5-Series, offering top-notch colors with QLED, and great contrast with local dimming powered by TCL’s Contrast Control Zones technology.

Our 6-Series, perhaps the most-awarded TV in our industry, gets a refresh adding top-of-the-line gaming features, our latest Mini-LED backlight, and a stunning new design.

Looking for something for the whole-family-home theater? We also have an array of 85” and larger TV choices, starting at about $1,500!

Sound That Surrounds

Aside from TVs, great audio is right in TCL’s wheelhouse!  We have an array of sound bars for nearly every need. From super simple, to a sophisticated Dolby Atmos Sound Bar, we have it all.  We even have a true wireless sound bar that just gets plugged into the wall, and automatically connects wirelessly to your TCL Roku TV!

Looking for some more personal audio?  TCL has headphones that offer great sound and great features.  From water resistance of our ACTV Series to Echo Noise Cancellation on our MOVEAUDIO line, to the super value of our SOCL line, we have everything from a great stocking stuffer to a die-hard athlete’s dream solution. Some even offer up to 23 hours between recharges (including the case)!

Home Comfort Made Easy

Enjoying a great movie night with your new TV and sound bar isn’t quite as fun if you aren’t comfortable. TCL has tons of products to help keep your mind on the show, not on the room and air around you. 

Our Sweeva Robot Vacuums will clean the floor (even more so with our models offering UV-C floor sterilization) automatically.  We can also keep the air fresh with our line of Breeva Air Purifiers, some even have built-in light humidification.

Wintertime is no better time to keep you air comfy with a TCL dehumidifier, even forget emptying a bucket with models that have a built-in pump.  And with summer around the corner, so a window or portable TCL air conditioner can get you ready for the heat.

Elevate Your Vision

Gear-on-the-go is a TCL specialty with our wide assortment of phones and tablets.  Our cutting-edge Stylus 5G marries 5G performance with the convenience of a built-in stylus. We also offer everything from our powerhouse 5G 30 Series to our super-simple flip-phones, for those who want to simply keep in-touch.  And for use at home, we have a line of tablets for the whole family. 

Of course, you will be glad to know that all these great devices are not only fun and sophisticated, but also incredibly easy to use. Many of them even work with Alexa, Hey Google, and Siri.

All this allows your family to enjoy spending more time together (and even quiet time apart 😊) during the holiday season and beyond. For more gift ideas, don’t miss our Holiday Gift Guide to inspire your gift giving this year!