It's back-to-college season once again, an exciting time when millions of students uproot themselves and move into dorm rooms far from home in search of higher education. 

To ensure you feel "at home" in your new surroundings, you’ll want to get your TV hooked up as soon as possible! But connecting a dorm room smart TV to Wi-Fi can sometimes be a bit tricky. With a TCL Roku TV, the process is made simple.

Connecting to a public network like those at a hotel or college dorm room often requires signing-in through a web browser. This can sometimes cause problems for college students who want to connect their smart TV to Wi-Fi.

Luckily, there’s Hotel & Dorm Connect, a feature that allows you to easily connect your TCL Roku TV to wireless networks away from home, including college dorm rooms, hotel rooms, or other public locations that require sign-in through a browser.

Other than your TV, you’ll just need a computer or smartphone with wireless capabilities and a web browser.

Here’s How It Works

Open the Settings on your TV to initiate the connection, just as you normally would when connecting to a home Wi-Fi network.

When you go to setup a new wireless connection, select the wireless network for your college dorm. After connecting to that network, select the prompt “I am at a hotel or college dorm.”

Next, follow the remaining steps that outlined on the TV. It will instruct you on how to use a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, to sign-in to the network with your login credentials.

After the connection is authenticated, you’ll be ready to start streaming!

Enjoy on the Go

Being away at college is just a little better when you’re able to kick back, relax, and stream your favorite movies and TV shows between classes. With the Hotel and Dorm Connect feature on your TCL Roku TV, you’ll always be close to your favorite entertainment.