Typically, when we talk to people about installing their new window air conditioner, rarely does the word “easy” enter the conversation

Until now.

TCL’s new Q Series air conditioner takes all the stuff that makes our window ACs great to own, and adds a new level of simplicity when it comes to installation!

Traditionally, installing a window air conditioner involves the daunting task of attaching side wings. Last time I installed one, it involved roughly 284,000 screws and as many steps. Now, we’ve made the task far less daunting.

Smart Design from an Appliance Leader

At TCL, we made over 20,000,000 air conditioners last year alone, which speaks to our expertise in manufacturing and production within this category.

That same expertise has also led us to innovations that make installation simpler and easier!

With just four easy steps in our Q Series installation guide, it’s easier than ever to enjoy cooling comfort.  Plus, once you’ve placed the AC in the windowsill, you basically only have to click the side wings that are already attached to the AC into place. The final quick steps are securing the unit. 

I personally have never seen an air conditioner easier or quicker to install!

Easy Installation & Much More

An easy-to-use air conditioner is no good if it doesn’t…you know...condition the air!

Not only does the Q Series do just that, but there are an abundance of comfort and convenience features to make your life even easier:

  • At 8,000 BTUs, it will keep average size rooms (300 ft2 or so) cool and comfortable.
  • With an actual temperature readout and unique inverter technology, it will get to your desired temperature quickly, and maintain a more stable temp throughout the day and night.
  • Have the freedom to use how however you want:
    • The full function control panel
    • The included remote control
    • Your phone with the TCL Home app
    • Your TCL Google TV remote!
    • Or your voice with Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility
  • Not too hot, but still sticky? There is a dehumidifier mode to make the air dry and comfortable
  • Super quiet and operates at as little as 42dB…that’s what I'd describe as “library quiet!”
  • For a fully comfy room, there’s also a swing function that moves the vent swing up and down to remove more heat more quickly.
  • Because of the rigid frame that supports the unit, you can open your window when the weather warrants it—super convenient!
  • There’s an array of timers to turn it on and off as needed to help conserve electricity.
  • That neat inverter technology not only delivers great comfort, but its efficient design can result in up to a 37% savings in energy and gets you an Energy Star rated air conditioner.

So, the new Q Series delivers the three C’s – Comfort, Cool, and Cuality (close!). Add that to a premium AC experience with an industry-leading design, keeping comfy has never been easier!