I love mind-bending numbers! Think about this as it relates to 8K resolution…

Given that the screen of an 8K TV has over 33 million pixels, and the screen of our award-winning 6-Series 8K TV is processing 8K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate, the TV is displaying up to 1.99 billion pixel-refreshes per second!

And the TV is processing all this with over a billion brilliant colors powered by QLED quantum dot technology... And illuminating the picture with the power of TCL’s 2nd generation mini-LED backlight with thousands of micro-meter class mini-LEDs… And delivering precision contrast through hundreds of Contrast Control Zones for greater depth, detail, and dimension. 

This is why I often tell folks that TVs today basically work using magic!

The Next Evolution in Resolution

Over the years, I have had so much fun in our industry, witnessing some of biggest transitions in picture quality. I’ve seen people skeptical that HD would ever even happen, and years later listening to concerns that 4K would be too much to stream. Of course, both worries turned out to be unfounded!

Today, there is a general acceptance that 8K is the next evolution in resolution. Folks are chomping at the bit to see the best picture. Already, we have TVs that can produce pictures using the same color palette as the Hollywood standard that’s used by moviemakers. We also have TVs that can produce the inky blacks, the brilliant brightness and specular highlights required to faithfully reproduce the intent of those dream makers. Now we are coming to the time when the three pillars of picture quality – Color, Clarity and Contrast – needs the ingredient of Clarity to deliver even better performance: enter 8K resolution!

Unbox the Unimaginable in 8K

On our new 6-Series 8K, you get all the benefits of our award-winning 6-Series: Powerful performance, great ease of use with the Roku operating system (America’s favorite way to stream) and adds 8K. Brilliant 8K is four times the resolution of the best 4K TVs out there! 

But the question that often comes next from users: With all this 8K greatness, where is the 8K content?

To that question, I often give customers a few great benefits to owning a TCL 8K TV, making them comfortable with their decision.

  • The growing availability of content in 8K from a range of creators is being driven by the wide availability of cameras and editing software that support 8K resolution, as well as demand created by owners of powerful 8K resolution TVs like the 6-Series 8K.

  • Streaming channels such as YouTube have a vast library of 8K content to enjoy right now.

  • Additionally, there are more and more consumer devices, including cell phones, that can record in glorious 8K, and tons more that can record in 4K.

  • Finally, we are excited to offer TCL Roku TV users access to The Explorers: a global initiative creating the first inventory of beautiful imagery that will give you a look at the natural, cultural and human heritage of Earth in Ultra High Definition up to 8K resolution. Already there’s tons of great content and more is getting added daily. Become part of crowd that has enjoyed the magic of The Explorers on over 10 million devices!
Pixel Perfection – No Matter the Source

Beyond enjoying the latest native 8K content, there are many benefits that have led tech reviewers to say 6-Series 8K is “way more than 8K,” and give it their Editor’s Choice award!

  • Upconversion! Long story short: we make less than 8K look its best! When watching content with lower resolution than 8K’s 33 million pixels (like HD with about 350,000 pixels), the TV must “fill in the gaps” where there aren’t pixels. With our new AiPQ EngineTM technology, we make that process so seamless, even “making it a great choice for watching cable boxes” according to RTINGS.com.

  • Aside from the raw number of pixels for a great picture, another benefit is that you can sit closer to the screen, not see the pixel structure, and get a more immersive experience regardless of what you are watching. Why do we go to the movies? It’s not for the picture quality in many cases, but for that immersive experience that only comes from sitting the right distance from a big screen. You can get that same effect sitting closer to your TCL 8K TV than you ever thought possible!

  • And aside from ALLLLL that, you also get great things to prepare you for the future: HDMI 2.1 for the latest gaming features (yep, 8K gaming is coming!), not to mention the world’s first 8K TV with THX® Certified Game Mode, so you’ll be ready for the action!

So, take all of the achievable performance that has made our 6-Series one of the most awarded TVs in our time, add the cutting-edge technology of 8K resolution for now and the future, and you’ve got a TV poised to propel you into the future, so that you’re ready to enjoy more.