A Cord Cutter’s Life is a series of guest posts by Greg Baker, featuring stories on the motivations, challenges, and benefits to cutting cable. If you’ve considered cutting the cord, let our visiting Cord Cutting Guru show you how in this fun, helpful series.

One of the biggest issues with streaming is finding something to watch. Either you’re too overwhelmed with choices or you don’t even know what’s out there. I can’t exactly help out with the first problem, but the second one is solved by the search feature on your TCL Roku TV. Search for whatever type of stuff that interests you most – and not just in-season TV shows and recently released movies. Search on your TCL Roku TV displays results across a vast selection of comedy, news, sports, international and niche content.

For those looking for even more ways to find what's out there on all your TV's thousands of channels, look no further than what must be the best website ever: justwatch.com.

Justwatch.com is basically a database of titles that are currently streaming. It’s everything you’ve wanted and more. Wanna know what’s streaming on Hulu? Here’s a list. Wanna add in Netflix and Kanopy? Just click some more buttons. I can’t express how much I love this site.

It’s really simple to use, too. You can see that there are options where you just click the logos of the app you wanna use. It’s all very sortable.

If you want, you can also sort by genre, and whether you want a TV or movie. You can also search by rotten tomatoes or IMDB rating, but I find those functions not to be too useful since most movies and TV shows are rated 6/10 and higher.

The site also has a watchlist function which has pretty much become my list of movies I want to watch. It’s convenient because you can sort your watchlist just like the main site. Not only can I see movies I wanna watch, but what channels I can watch them on as well. Don’t care to try it out? You can always use your TCL Roku TV’s voice activated remote, or mobile app, to search what’s available and where to find titles too.

While I can’t fix being overwhelmed by the amount of content there is out there, hopefully justwatch.com can help relieve some streaming anxiety for you as you decide what’s next up in the queue.