Breaking free from cable allows TV watchers to get rid of costly contracts. But, it’s important to realize that cord cutting opens new opportunities to watch your favorite movies, TV episodes, sports, and much more, without merely forgoing one subscription service for another.

Yes, there are mainstays for cord cutters like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video that we all know and binge-watch, but there are many streaming services that will give you all the content you want without monthly fees. And yet, hidden away in the “Channel Search” from your Home Screen there are countless streaming services that are free, my second favorite “f’ word – right behind Friday.

The selection below includes just a small sampling of services that will bring you great content without shelling out a penny!

The Roku Channel

Not to be confused with the smart TV platform that underpins TCL TVs, the Roku Channel is a standalone streaming service that offers a rich selection of movies and TV shows, plus access to other premium services you may already subscribe to such as HBO or Showtime, all from one convenient place. The Roku Channel even offers free live streaming, with news reports from ABC.


While not yet a household name, Tubi is one of the unsung heroes of free streaming. With a huge library that contains thousands of ad-supported TV and movie titles, you’re sure to find something to watch here. Best of all, you don’t even need to register for an account. Just add the channel on your TCL Roku TV, and you’ll be ready to start binging. There’s even a "Not on Netflix" (best name ever) collection to help you access content you’re not already accessing elsewhere.

Pluto TV

While most streaming services are geared toward on-demand content, Pluto TV takes a different approach. It replicates the experiences of traditional cable TV menus, with specialized channels that serve up content nonstop. But if you’re looking for something specific or wanting to catch your favorite movie from the start, Pluto TV also has you covered with a selection of on-demand titles as well. Bottom line, it’s a great option when you don’t want to make the decision of what to watch.


Vudu is widely known for movie rentals, akin to a Red Box or Blockbuster. But it’s also been quietly building its library of free, ad-support movies and TV show streaming options. There are critically acclaimed films, family-friendly features, date night movies, thrillers, documentaries and more. The catch is that you do need to have a Vudu account, but that’s also free to set up.


Ok, this might be a bit of a stretch, BUT…do you have a library card? Then congratulations, you have Kanopy! Just sign up for a separate Kanopy account, and instantly you’ll be connected to your public library and all of its great, free content! Naturally, the selection skews toward indie films and documentaries. Plus, individual libraries set their own limits on how many movies you can access per month, but what’s great is that all this content is not only free, it’s also free of ads. That library card is really paying itself off…


If you have a login to Amazon, you’ll be able to login to IMDb TV and its library of movies. While it doesn’t have the extensive collection that its Amazon Video sibling offers, it does garner some great titles that includes Captain Fantastic, Paddington and Platoon. Plus, Oscar-winner La La Land is slated to arrive on the service on July 1! Not too shabby.


I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. Google’s video streaming service is full of clips and more clips. But you’d be surprised how many full-length movies and original services are available on YouTube as well. Ad supported titles like Four Weddings and a Funeral, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and Moonstruck are ready for viewing without costing a dime.


With a name like Popcornflix, what could go wrong? Nothing. Popcornflix is a virtual warehouse for full-length movies that will make you laugh, cry and scream like a small child. Keeping with the theme of this blog, all content is free and just a couple clicks away.


We pride ourselves on having something for everyone and with the help of Viewster, we have something for everyone. You can trust the Swiss to make some solid products; watches, chocolate, mountains and cheese to name a few – Viewster is another winner in a long line of great Swiss creations. For those of you who love foreign films (anime, documentary, classics, comedy and independent) Viewster is a 7/5 Must Download.


We here at TCL love to give back to the communities that we call home and we know there are countless people with the same mentality. For our philanthropic friends we give you, SnagFilms. SnagFilms is home to those of us who are “woke” and I will let you decipher what that exactly entails.

And don’t stop here, there are still countless hidden gems inside your TCL TV just ready and waiting to help you break away from cable. Happy hunting newbie cord cutters!