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Now that baseball season’s over and my beloved Red Sox took home the trophy (that’s right Yankees fans!), it’s time to engage in the second most entertaining sport to watch: hockey. Hockey is full of non-stop action, and the only times the action stops is so they can fight each other, and who doesn’t love that? Anywho, here’s how to keep yourself entertained during baseball’s offseason by streaming some good ol’ fashioned hockey.


The latest and greatest out of the world’s leader in sports is the ESPN+ app. With a promise to stream a hockey game almost every single day throughout the season, a total of over 180 games, this app is a must have for hockey lovers. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. If you like other sports too, the ESPN+ app is also great for MLB, MLS, and college basketball fans, featuring plenty of content for those sports as well. All of this and more can be yours for the low low price of $5 a month.

Sling TV Blue

While ESPN+ is great and gives you tons of access to tons of great hockey, what if you’re more of a home team kind of person and not as big a fan of the league as a whole? Well, Sling TV’s  Blue package is the way to go. It comes with NBCSN and FOX Sports, so no matter your market, you should be able to get all the home team games all in one place. Combine that with the low low price of $25 a month, and sling is the perfect deal for hockey.


Be sure to get the most out of your antenna as well by streaming a few games right over the airwaves from NBC. With games like the Winter Classic and All-Star game, NBC is the way to go to stream some of the biggest games in hockey this season. Be sure to check local listings throughout the season to catch some of the games.


All in all however, the best way to watch hockey may come straight from the horse’s mouth this time. With NHL TV, you get access to all games for all teams at the low price of $140 a year or $25 a month. Wanna catch your favorite team but don’t live in market? We’ve got that covered, too. The single team subscription package is only $110 for the entire season. If that’s not a deal, I don’t know what is (but really, I do know a deal when I see one).

Whether you’re more of a casual hockey fan like me, or a diehard hockey nerd, there’s plenty of streaming options for any kind of fan. Catch the puck drop on ESPN+ for a measly $5 a month or keep up with literally every single Caps game with Sling TV’s Blue package. No matter how you cut the cord, there’s a way to catch some good hockey and some even better fights.