Steven Spielberg once said: “I’ve always been of the belief that our ears lead our eyes to where the story lives.”  Whether it’s the alien mothership hovering over Devil’s tower in Close Encounters, the thunderous boulder chasing Indy in Raiders, or the Star Destroyer looming overhead, closing in on the Blockade Runner in Star Wars, great sound draws you into a movie, allowing you to feel part of the action.

As the second largest TV manufacturer in the world, it only makes sense that TCL would want to add to our user’s enjoyment by delivering great audio to match the great picture they are watching. 

We’ve been building great audio products for nearly 20 years, and recently brought our engineering excellence to the US with our award-winning Alto Sound Bars. For 2021, we are building on that foundation by offering more choices, more performance, more convenience—and my favorite—unprecedented simplicity. 

No Wires, No Hassle

With our amazing partners at Roku, we are building on our already impressive line of Roku TV Ready sound bars. Until now, connecting an Alto Sound Bar with Roku TV Ready Sound Bar to a TCL Roku TV meant simply plugging in the sound bar for power, connecting the HDMI cable, and...voila!  The TV and the sound bar work together with easy, automatic configuration! From there, simply put the sound bar remote in the “remote drawer.” All of your adjustments, from volume to sound modes, can be made with your existing TCL Roku TV remote.

What’s better than connecting one wire to the TV? How about connecting ZERO wires to the TV?

With our new Alto R1 Sound Bar, we are introducing our first entry into true wireless bars and the first sound bar to use Roku proprietary Wi-Fi audio streaming technology. This new feature completely eliminates the need to use a cable when connecting to the TV. Rather, simply plug the sound bar power cord into your wall outlet, turn it on, and your TCL Roku TV will automatically generate an on-screen guide for set-up.

Building on Stunning Sound

Aside from simplifying the sound bar set-up even further, we are also focusing on improving the immersive audio experience.  To that end, you will see sound bars with Dolby Atmos, with the inclusion of up-firing speakers to capture the immersive nature of the “height channel” found in today’s latest blockbusters. Plus, we will have built-in and wireless subwoofers for booming bass, and more features to enhance audio performance in 2021.

For greater convenience, we are also expanding our voice capabilities with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, as well as compatibility with Apple Airplay and Spotify in various parts of our upcoming lineup.

As TCL has become known for incredible performance, value and innovation in our TVs, so too will you find those things in our exciting 2021 sound bars.