It’s that time of year when kids are starting up the school-going adventure, in many forms. Whatever it means to you, there will be new sets of challenges for both students and families.

At TCL, our goal is to help customers enjoy more, and in what may seem somewhat of a surprise, we have some things we do that can make the transition to school this year a little less stressful.

Obviously this school year is a little different, and there will be more kids learning from home. Below are some of the ways TCL can help that process (hint: moms and dads, this can help with your new home office as well!):

  • Many students learning remotely will be doing so on a small screen. All TCL TVs can be used as a second, larger screen that not only is easier to watch, but also lets others participate when appropriate. You can do this either over HDMI or with wireless screen-mirroring (with compatible Android or Window-PC devices).

  • With our compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (varies by model), we can also be easily integrated into the modern home with voice control. Just saying “Hey Google, it’s time to study,” can power off the TV, draw the blinds, and set the appropriate lighting.

  • Looking to learn while away from class? Right now, TCL has hundreds of streaming channels dedicated to learning, from Ted Talks to Baby Einstein. Heck, there are several channels to teach you how to play (sorry parents)! Endless entertainment means fun learning too, not just fun movies!

  • Need a break from everything? TCL TVs have hundreds of apps for the body and soul: From Peloton, to Yoga, to guided meditation. When it’s time to take a break, you can with your TCL TV.

  • TCL Android TVs also feature the Google Assistant. Need help remembering the capital of Brazil (hint: Brasilia 😊)? Just ask away and tap into Google’s ability to sort through the world’s information to get fast answers to those questions.

  • Learning usually means peace and quiet in your own space. That can be difficult in a full household. Luckily, TCL has a wide variety of headphones, both wired and wireless, over-ear and in-ear. Even true wireless for when you want to hit the gym to get a break from everything!

  • You also need to be comfortable while you learn. To help with that, TCL has a variety of home comfort appliances (room air conditioners, portable air conditioners and dehumidifiers) to make sure your thoughts are on learning, not trying to get comfy.

  • And let’s not forget, when the school day is over, TCL TVs give you access to thousands of streaming channels. There are even security settings to ensure that only parent-approved channels or content is being watched.

As we all start the new school year together, the phrase “we have much to learn” has so many more meanings than in years past.  At TCL, we want to be a small part of helping kids (and parents!) make the most of it.