As the days become shorter and the temperature outside continues to drop, an indoor migration is only natural. The change in weather not only beckons people inside, but it also inspires them to swap lively nights out for cozy nights in. Fortunately, there are many ways to create the perfect setup for an awesome evening at home. In honor of this "streaming season," we have come up with a few tips to create the ultimate night in.

Blankets, Pillows, Throws Oh My!

Construct the ultimate indoor retreat with cozy blankets and pillows. Play with textures by opting for fuzzy blankets and knit pillows. If you are hosting a group and need to get innovative with seating, place large pillows on the floor to encourage guests to get comfortable no matter where they choose to sit.

A Picture-Perfect Setup

A night in would be incomplete without a television featuring a stunning picture to watch your favorite movies and shows. As America’s fastest-growing TV brand in the U.S., we have a smart TV for just about any type of viewer. The 6-Series features 4K UHD resolution, Dolby Vision HDR for amazing color and contrast, plus this award-winning TV is available in 55-inch sizes all the way up to 75-inches. Need more sizing options? Don't miss the 5-Series which boasts premium performance with a few additional sizing options. For a fantastic television at a great value, be sure to check out the 4-Series. All come with Roku OS smart platform built-in, making it easy to find and stream the content you want all night long.

Mood Lighting

When it comes to atmosphere, everyone knows lighting is half the battle. Set the scene with soft lighting that doesn’t distract from the TV or create unnecessary glare. Try turning off all overhead lamps and lighting a few candles to create a soft glow (bonus points if they are scented). If you are hosting a holiday-themed movie night or want to bring an additional whimsical dimension to the evening, place holiday lights around the perimeter of the room.

Top TV Apps

Next to the right TV, the right apps are high on the list of streaming essentials. All TCL smart TVs feature the Roku OS smart platform, so there’s no need for an additional media player or streaming box, nor is it necessary to even have cable. With access to thousands of streaming channels, and over 500,000 movies and TV shows in one place, struggling to find something to watch for movie night is a thing of the past. Don’t know where to begin? Check out this list of top streaming apps for inspiration.

Something to Munch On

There’s no denying that treats and TV are a perfect pair. Provide a mix of provisions that range from salty to sweet and healthy to indulgent. Running to the grocery to grab a few staple items like popcorn and licorice is always a good idea, but if you love to bake try these Pumpkin Pie Pillows as a fun, seasonal snack. To keep things cozy, serve guests mugs of hot cocoa or warm tea to sip on throughout the evening.

Whether you are streaming your favorite movie or going all out with a series marathon, it’s the perfect time of year to take a night for yourself. TCL Roku TVs make entertaining guests for a night of streaming your favorite shows simple, so all you have to worry about is creating the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed night at home.