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It’s summer and the Warriors won the finals again, so you know what that means: it’s baseball season. Hot dogs, popcorn, beer, and whatever the heck cracker jacks are, we’re back, baby.

We’ve got the all-star game, the second half, and the playoffs to go, and we’re gonna cue you in on how to catch every game possible, starting with all-star weekend.

  • All-star Game - Tues, July 17, 7:30 FOX
  • Home Run Derby – Mon, July 16 8:00 FOX

The all-star game’s got everything this year. Tune in to see your favorite sluggers crush some dingers and your least favorite pitchers send in some hundred mile an hour gas. We’re in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. this year to bring you the mid-summer classic for the first time since the Nationals moved down there, so this isn’t a game to miss.

For viewing options you can watch right from your antennae on Fox, or steam it via the Fox Sports Go App. No luck there? Head to the bar and enjoy the home run derby as everyone else goes “oooh!”

But what about the rest of the season? Well, lucky for you, there are a million options to watch games—some of them completely free.


Major League Baseball’s very own streaming service is currently in MID-SEASON PRICING. You know what that means, discounts, baby. You can catch all the action for just 83 bucks, and for 63, you can sign on to a single team subscription and watch the team of your choice in the quest for October.

Oh—and MLB.TV also selects one game per day to stream completely free of charge, so check that out while you’re there.


ESPN’s newest streaming platform has baseball coming to you every single day. Along with 30 for 30s, their $5/month subscription service has MLS and NHL action as well for when baseball’s not happening. Additionally, you’ll get access to ESPN’s national broadcasts on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday nights. Not too shabby.

Sling TV

With Sling TV you get two choices: pick the orange package and you go back to watching ESPN and it’s subsidiaries, but pick the blue package, and see how deep the package including FOX Sports goes. However, unlike The Matrix, you really can’t go wrong with either choice. Like I said, ESPN gets weekly baseball, but FOX Sports on the blue package includes weekly games of their own, along with exclusive postseason coverage you won’t get elsewhere. Both packages include different cable channels including Comedy Central, AMC, and TNT, but either package will get you IFC, the channel with the best baseball sitcom on TV, Brockmire. Orange and blue are available for $25 a month, or $40 bundled.


Welcome to baseball provided to you by the popular social media site Facebook. The site has partnered with the MLB for exclusive rights to stream games, generally but not always Wednesdays, every week during the season. These broadcasts are provided by the MLB Network, so not only are they produced well, they’ve got ZERO COMMERCIALS. That’s right, these brave announcers call the whole game through with plenty of in-game interviews from players and managers from both sides. These are really cool broadcasts and definitely worth tuning in.

With all these viewing options it’s tough to justify a trip to the ballpark this year, so enjoy the game from the comfort of your couch—and your air conditioning. But, if you do make it out to the stadium, be sure to grab a hotdog and a beer for me.