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Did you buy a 4K TV? Awesome! Have you not? Horrible! Go get one now! Anywho, this is a post about 4K content you can watch on your 4K TCL Roku TV. You may have bought this 4K TV, plugged in your VCR adapter and started wondering “why do these home movies from 1993 still look bad? This TV is supposed to be awesome!” Unfortunately, in order to get the full use out of this big fancy TV you just got, you’ll need to watch some 4K content. Lucky for you, I’m here to tell you where to get it.


Vevo is the app for watching music videos, and the thing about music videos is that people are shooting them all the time—which means they’re using the nice cameras and shooting in 4K. Check out some of your favorite artists and see what they’re up to. Some of the music videos coming out now-a-days are so inventive, original (and obviously shot in 4K) that you’re gonna be glad you got the cool TV.


The good ol’ classic YouTube is another content provider that is coming out with stuff constantly. Notice a pattern? A lot of YouTube personalities are keeping up with the times and shooting in 4K, and a 4K TV is the only way to watch this content as the creators intended. Throw out your laptop, throw out your smartphone, it’s 2018, we watch YouTube straight from the TV now.


Netflix is a company that consistently keeps up with the times, and utilizes new methods of production any chance they get—which includes 4K and even Dolby Vision HDR content. Most of the recent stuff released by them, and pretty much all of their original content from here on out, is gonna be 4K. Binge watch and Netflix and chill with the best quality content you can get.

Amazon Video

Like Netflix, Amazon provides a great assortment of 4K content, plus many movies and TV episodes in HDR. One thing Amazon more regularly gets are recent movies fresh out of theaters, ready to stream at brilliant 4K resolution. This means that their scope and plethora of 4K content is not just limited to original programming, but you’re gonna get some recent releases in that same quality.

4K Spotlight

Last, but certainly not least, this app is basically going to serve as your guidebook to what 4K content your TCL Roku TV has to offer. Recently updated in OS 8, it essentially catalogues what we’ve got accessible to us at this point. It’s easy to use, and links right to the Fandango, Amazon, Netflix or what-have-you apps for whatever you’re trying to watch. Keep in mind, a lot of this content is only available for purchase, so be sure to check which apps you subscribe to before clicking.

Dolby Access

This is what your TV is supposed to look like, this is the why you bought it, this is Dolby Access. With free previews, and riveting shorts, Dolby Access really lets you see what your TV can do. From food and travel shorts to animated previews, this app gives you a great taste of how to flex your Dolby Vision TV’s muscles.

Now just are just some of the options available to help you maximize the big, huge, awesome TV you just bought. Also keep in mind, that content providers know that the good quality is what we’re after, and they’re gonna keep making more and more for you to watch. So, if you’ve got a couple classics on your favorite movies list that haven’t been given the UHD update, fear not because chances are there will be a 4K option soon enough.