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What’s better than playing basketball? Watching basketball. What’s better than saving millions of people from a volcano? Watching the movie Volcano. What’s better than playing video games? Watching other people play them. As someone who is bad at videogames, I grew up watching my friends play a lot, and now, in the age of esports, we have entire broadcasts devoted to just that.

Esports are on the rise with more and more people watching each year, but how are fans watching? On their TCL Roku TVs of course. Here are a few ways to watch your favorite teams and tournaments:


ESPN has been streaming esports for years and was one of the first to get in on the action. With all your favorites from League of Legends to Overwatch, they’ve got it all. The ESPN app can be found in the Roku channel store and is one of the best ways to watch the hottest tournaments.


Newer to the esports streaming game, TBS is quickly emerging as one of the best ways to stream. TBS, together with its ELEAGUE brand, lets you easily stream matches from globally-reaching esports events for games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Tekken, and Street Fighter.


Possibly the best option for all your esports needs is straight from the horse’s mouth, if you count a PlayStation or an Xbox as a horse. The MLG.TV app on your TCL Roku TV is, first of all, free, and has all the Major League Gaming events you’re looking forward to. There you can stream coverage of Call of Duty World League, featuring one of the biggest game franchises of all time with some of the best players in the world of esports. With matches, original content, and more, the MLG channel is where it’s at.


No discussion of how to watch esports is complete without mentioning YouTube. With the YouTube app on your TCL Roku TV, you can contribute to the billions of hours of esports and gaming content watched each month on this channel. Why is YouTube such a top destination for gaming? Because there’s just so much to watch, including exclusive videos from top players and influencers. Plus, YouTube has even landed partnerships with popular Counter Strike leagues ESL Pro League and the eSports Championship Series, so the gaming and esports content just keeps coming.

Your laptop or phone

As always, TCL Roku TV’s easy-to-use interface allows for easy connection from your computer or phone, wirelessly or wired. Whether you prefer to watch esports coverage via Twitch and Mixer, you’re still able to watch your favorite platform on your favorite screen.

While I’m not a gamer, I know how to appreciate a good match in the same way that I can’t throw a touchdown but love Tom Brady. Keep your eyes peeled for more ways to watch esports at home. And hey, if you can’t find a game you want to watch, invite some friends over, and hand them some controllers. Either way, your TCL Roku TV is ready to help you enjoy that too.