Notice I wrote "Super Bowl," not "The Big Game" or some other euphemism? 

As the Official TV Partner of the NFL, we and our partners in the NFL recognize the difference between watching the game and enjoying the game. 

On our end, that means delivering an impactful, immersive viewing experience, the way you want it. 

For their part, the NFL always delivers an amazing experience, with professionals in the prime of their careers, talented players and coaches, incredible camerawork, a world-class half-time show, all starting at a 6:30 PM EST kickoff for hours of fun, excitement and, for my wife, great commercials.

Enjoying the Super Bowl

But how do you want to watch the game? At TCL, our goal is to let you watch it the way you want to!

  • Are you a traditional TV watcher, with cable or satellite?  Super easy.  Every TCL TV has multiple HDMI inputs for connecting your box. From there, TCL TVs can be programmed into nearly all cable/satellite remotes. You can even program our TVs to power up to a specific HDMI input each and every time, making ease-of-use better than ever.

  • An over-the-air kind of customer? All TCL TVs come with digital tuners, with built-in program guides to get all your local channels.  When set up, you can even pause/rewind live TV to review that close call (“He completed the tuck!  Let it go!” 😊). Or pause it when the wings are ready.

    • Streamers rejoice! This year, your options seem nearly limitless to get the game how you want.  The following list has no particular order, and has much to consider, so it should be seen as a starting point as to which is best for you. Choice is wonderful!

      • Using your favorite “Live TV” streaming service gets you the best seat in the house, such as FuboTV, Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV—all have Fox as an option. Additionally, you can get in through your login-enabled Fox Sports or Fox Now apps.

      • Our friends to the North can also enjoy the game on CTV, TSN, RDs or streaming on DAZN, all while enjoying poutine of course!

Go big and go home

So, now we have the “how to get it” dialed in, let’s take spend a little time on “how to watch it.”

After many, many years of working with TV manufacturers, my first thought is simple: Yes, you should get the bigger one.

Years ago, when I was selling TVs, I had a standing offer with my customers. When they came back after watching their new TV for a little while (typically about 5 minutes 😊) and wanted to return it because it was "too big," I told them to go home and watch it for a week. If it was still “too big” for them, I would come pick it up, get them a refund, and buy them lunch…

I never bought a lunch.

If you’re looking at the 40", get the 50". If you’re looking at the 65", get the 98"… Think I’m joking?

Our 98" QLED TV – despite having over twice viewing area than a 65” compared to a 65" TV from just a few years ago – is only about 24" wider, only 5" taller, and weighs about the same.

Thank you, TCL engineers, for our FullView design with barely any bezels!  Yes. Get the bigger one. It will make the game, and everything you watch, more immersive!

The closest things to being in the stands

To paraphrase Uncle Ben from Spider-man: with great size, comes great resolution.

Almost all of the larger TVs out there have 4K resolution. Simply this means it’s 4x the resolution of a Full HD TV. Not only do most of the streaming services offer 4K content almost-by-default, but this year, many of the above options will let you watch the game in glorious 4K…want to see of the receiver got his second foot in?

4K lets you do that like nothing else! HDR also brings the game to life with brighter whites, deeper blacks, and richer colors! 

Finally, you will want the sound to bring the CRUNCH to every hit, not to mention the amazing sound that will be the halftime show! TCL offers a wide arrange of sound bars that not only sound great, but are super simple to set up. One-wire simple. We even have some that are zero-wire simple…seriously, just plug it in to the wall and you are off to the races!  Great sound with great bass from room-filling wireless subwoofers, Dolby Atmos sound, dedicated center channel speakers for great vocals…all at an amazing value.

So for Super Bowl LVII, TCL – the official TV Partner of the NFL – has it all for game time: great streaming options, great sizes, great picture, and great sound… So, pick your team and get ready to enjoy!