I feel that everyone’s favorite Libertarian, Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, who loathes government would actually love The Mobile World Congress, especially all the great TCL product there and coming soon to a carrier near you!

TCL, best known in the North America for our AMAZING TVs, is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with when it comes to mobile devices. Did you know that we made over 40 million phones last year? We have also led the industry with such innovations as the world’s first rollable AMOLED smartphone concept, showcasing our display expertise.

And the success is building, starting with our current 30 Series—from the simple and intuitive 30Z, to the vivid 305G with its stunning 5G display—all the way up to our powerful Stylus 5G, with its pop-out stylus, you will get amazing innovation plus more advancements on our commitment to 5G For All!

Introducing 40 Series

For 2023, we are proud to announce our 40 Series smartphones, with great devices for nearly everyone!

Want a great 6.75” HD+ display, dual speakers, a powerful 13MP camera, expandable memory, a great battery, and face and fingerprint unlock? Our 40 T will fit the bill for you at a great value!

A better screen and camera system will await you with the 40XL. TCL’s NXTVISION technology brings your display to life, making the most from your breathtaking 50MP images from your main camera!

Our mission is to make 5G accessible to all, and our newest 5G phones starts with the 40X 5G. Along with a slew of improved performance and convenience, it also gets a 90Hz refresh-rate display, and a crazy-good touch sampling rate of up to 180Hz…scrolling past annoying reels has never been easier or smoother! Plus, an upgraded MediaTek processor makes every task quick!

It all rounds out with our most affordable 5G phone to date: the 40 XE 5G! A smooth 90Hz display, 13MP main camera and an ultra-slim 5000 mAh battery means at under $150, we really mean 5G for all!

More to Love on the Go

With these great phones right around the corner, it could be an easy mistake to forget some more of the incredible technology coming from TCL this year, and beyond.

Our NXTPAPER displays, seen recently in both tablets and phones, showcase our incredible display expertise by having a gorgeous screen that shares the seemingly contradictory benefits of vibrant colors, and a paper-like feel for comfortable reading!

And let’s not forget our show-stopping glasses from CES, both AR and VR! If the idea of a binocular full-color holographic optical waveguide Micro-LED display excites you: A) Please explain it to me and B) get ready for all-day comfort paired with a natural heads-up display to help you see, understand, and navigate the world around you…in real-time!

Or escape the world around you with a wearable 130”HD screen immersing you in your favorite blockbuster, whether you’re on a plane, on the beach, or in your den enjoying a little “me time,” delivering a great picture and amazing sound.

In the time we spend away from our TVs, now the Official TV Partner of the NFL, we have growing needs to connect, communicate, and share. For 2023 and beyond, TCL is designed to help you on the go and make those experiences the best they can be!