There seems to be no end to the ways you can discover and enjoy content these days. Whether launching Hulu to see what’s new, simply saying, “play Expedition Unknown on Discovery Go” to your Google Assistant-enabled devices or through your Roku Voice Remote, or finding what you want to watch on your mobile device, then launching it on your TV — the ways to consume your favorites are endless. It seems that my prediction from years ago that the question, “what’s on TV tonight?” would soon be obsolete is finally a reality.

More people are not only looking to cut-the-cord, but are also looking to cut-the-cost. This makes easy access to free content increasingly important. Recent updates to free Live TV on TCL Roku TVs are helping to address that need for our users.

Live TV Made Easy

Until recently, the Live TV option on TCL Roku TVs did plenty of cool stuff. Connecting your antenna got you access to all of your local channels, using a thumb drive allowed you to pause and rewind up to 90 minutes of live TV, and there was even a free electronic program guide to help navigate to your favorite shows.

But what about me? Living in the sticks on Western Massachusetts has tons of advantages, but a huge choice in over-the-air programming wasn’t one of them. On a good day, I got two channels. So, for a long time, I hid the Live TV tile (another cool feature of TCL Roku TVs! Hide the channels you don’t want!).

See What’s On and What’s Upcoming

Recently, though, that all changed. There are TONS of streaming channels offering FREE Live TV options, why not put them all in one place? That’s exactly what was done with the new and improved Live TV experience on TCL Roku TVs!

When launching the Live TV channel, instead of seeing two channels, I now get hundreds! The choices are nearly limitless: science, comedy, sports, movies of all genres, cooking, foreign language, game shows, and more, are all at your fingertips.

All of this free programming has been added to your free electronic program guide. You can choose between all channels, and those you recently watched.  

Find More Episodes as you Watch

As part of your over-the-air viewing, don’t forget our “More Ways to Watch” feature. Missed part of one of your favorite shows? If there is a “*” in the guide, you can find ways to stream that show through other streaming channels! 

You can even use your voice to “Watch Voyager documentaries on Live TV Channel” to get you there quickly and easily.

As choices for how we consume content continue to expand, it’s great to know that your TCL Roku TV is evolving to keep up with your needs to let you, simply, enjoy more.