Steven Spielberg once astutely summed up the immersive possibilities of movies by saying, "I am of the belief that our ears lead our eyes to where the story lives."

That belief in how powerful sound is for movie watchers brought us the spine tingling “da-duh” from Jaws, the incredible rumble of the boulder chasing Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the amazing aural assault that was prominently featured Ready Player One.

At TCL, we are best known for making great TVs, but we are also building on our reputation for making powerful, simple to use sound bars that enhance those same experiences that filmmakers like Stephen Spielberg work so hard to create.

I think that even the best TVs generally pale in comparison to the audio experience provided by a good sound bar. After all, they’re called televisions, not telelistens 😊.

Home Theater, Made Simple

Fun fact, TCL has been building high-quality audio for over a dozen years! For 2023, we are reimagining our sound bar lineup to bring you an exciting range with great sound quality, easy installation, and plenty of value.

Like our new TV lineup, our sound bars are broken into two distinct families, our S Class to make home theater simple, and our Q Class to make home theater better.  

A simple home theater setup, we have our 2.1 Channel S Class (S4210), which includes a stereo sound bar (the “2” in this “2.1” channel system) and a wireless subwoofer (the “.1”).  The sound bar itself is compact, at only 22-inches long, so it will pair nicely with even our smallest TVs. The wireless subwoofer and 200 watts of power will fill your room up nicely!

When watching your favorite action movie, about 70-percent of the audio you hear comes from on-screen action. For that reason, the 3.1 Channel S Class (S4310) adds a dedicated center-channel speaker (now the “3.1” in the system) to anchor that sound to the screen. This not only makes for a more realistic viewing experience, but helps to end any of those, “I can’t hear the voices,” shortcomings of many home theaters.   

Amongst the most exciting ways to enjoy a movie, sporting event, or video game, is to have surround sound, with speakers behind you. Our 5.1 Channel S Class (S4510) adds rear speakers (making up the “5.1” channels) so as the jets scream by in Top Gun: Maverick. It’ll have you feel and hear them move through your living. Conveniently, to avoid running wires from the front of the room to the back, or scrambling all over for power outlets, the rear speakers simply plug into the subwoofer, which in many cases can be placed in back of your couch, tucked neatly behind you.

Simple means things like HDMI ARC, being Roku TV Ready, and having all the cables you need in the box.  So, you are unboxed, and ready to go in less time than it took you to make the popcorn to eat while watching your favorite blockbuster!

Home Theater, Made Better

Our Q Class sound bars, like our Q Class TVs, add a higher level of performance and technology to our already impressive S Class sound bars.

All Q Class sound bars add an important sound quality improvement by having dedicated woofers and tweeters on the sound bar.  This means that the highs and lows of the movie’s soundtrack are handled better, and by the right speaker. A more premium design, a larger subwoofer, and more power, all add to the premium experience. 

Our 3.1 Channel Q Class (Q6310) has the main sound bar with the aforementioned dedicated woofers and tweeters, plus a dedicated center channel and high-quality wireless subwoofer.

The 5.1 Channel Q Class (Q6510) adds those great rear speakers to keep you immersed in your favorite show!

On top of all that, our Q Class sound bars feature TCL’s AI Sonic Auto Room Calibration. Using your smartphone and the free TCL Home app, this feature uses your phone’s built-in microphone to adjust the sound from the sound bar to fill your room evenly. Have a brick wall on the right side of your living room? Or how about a room open to your kitchen on your left? In minutes, AI Sonic will tune the performance of your sound bar for great, well-balanced sound.

Of course, Q Class sound bars all have the connectivity of the S Class, which also includes niceties like Bluetooth® and a full suite of connections.

Sound that Surrounds

Lastly, it’s great to know that even when you aren’t enjoying the best audio from the latest blockbuster movie, we’ve got you covered! All our new sound bars have amazing DTS Virtual:X built-in, which will give room-filling sound, with imagined height and surround sound from just a regular audio source and the sound bar.

Home theater has never more simple, or better!