The last time I saw a “clean sweep” it was the Red Sox vs, the Yankees…

I was in full Red Sox gear in New York City. We lost the final game of the series 15-1, and I had to take the subway back to my hotel. I still have nightmares about it.

But with spring around the corner, talking about a clean sweep today is much less traumatic! Opening the windows for the first time after a long winter brings in the fresh smell that conjures all the feels of baseball-filled childhood memories.

Let Sweeva Help Out Around the House

Along with all that fresh air and brilliant sunshine comes the reminder of the remnants of winter and some of those memories left behind on our floors. In 2023, getting those floors clean can be done effortlessly, quickly, and efficiently with TCL's line of Sweeva Robotic vacuums. From our most basic to our most sophisticated, we have a robot vacuum for every need and budget!

The idea of a robot vacuum is simple: plug it in, and it cleans where you want, when you want, and how you want, with little-to-zero input on your part. Sounds great, right?

Let's look at the different levels of simplicity and performance TCL has to offer:

Our Sweeva 1000 is as easy as it gets! Plug it in to charge, use the included remote to set a schedule, and the powerful suction will keep your floors and carpets clean. The obstacle and anti-drop sensors keep it on track, while the 120-minute runtime combined with the oversized dustbin means you can empty it at your convenience.

Stepping up to the Sweeva 2000 gets you all that and more! More powerful suction means it will clean even better. It will automatically increase the suction when it detects it's on carpeting! You can now control it from anywhere in the world with built-in WiFi and slick integration with the TCL Home app, plus it works with Alexa and Hey Google for added convenience.

"Hey Google, have the vacuum clean that mess up." Yep, it's that easy!

You can even build virtual walls with the included magnetic strips for areas you don't want touched.

A Deeper, Smarter Clean

Can't get better than that, right? Wrong! Our Sweeva 6000 adds our most powerful suction, UV-C sterilization, a 180-minute runtime (even with recharge and resume if the battery runs low). But the real kicker is real-time laser-guided navigation. As the vacuum does its thing for the first time, it automatically draws a map of your house!! Seriously. It assigns rooms, detects and avoids furniture (or the lazy pet), and stores it all in the app. From there, you have such schedule niceties as being able to do rooms at different times, with a different frequency, and even add no-go zones right in the app. Wicked Cool!

For the ultimate in cleaning and convenience, look no further than our flagship Sweeva 6500. This takes all the magic of the Sweeva 6000 and adds a self-emptying dustbin. It automatically empties the dustbin after vacuuming into an oversized tower for hands-free cleaning for up to 30 days!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a few of the really cool features built into the TCL Home app. There are conveniences like a cleaning log, voice volume control, and the ability to monitor the lifespan of your consumables. This way, you will know when it's time to change out your brushes and filters.

Ultimate Convenience

So, spring cleaning with TCL means fresh air, the smell of freshly cut grass, and a clean floor with TCL's line of Sweeva Robotic Vacuums. And hopefully, a good Red Sox Spring Training in Fort Myers!