What if it took you more time to say, “I got a new TCL Roku TV Ready Sound Bar,” than it took you to set up your new TCL Roku TV Ready Sound Bar? 

Well, we’re pretty darn close to getting the sound bar setup process that fast, making it easier than ever to go from unboxing to listening.

Over the years, I have spent days at customers’ houses running wires, installing speakers, making complicated connections, and then spent hours explaining it all.  Well, no more.  Roku TV Ready means simple setup, one remote, quick settings, and nearly instant enjoyment!

TCL’s latest sound bars meet that magical criteria of great sound, simple setup, and ease of use. If it were up to me, the User’s Manual would be a 3” x 5” in piece of paper reading, “just plug it in!”

Simple Setup

With TCL’s Roku TV Ready sound bars, the set up process goes something like this:

  • Find a location for the sound bar. This is traditionally on a stand or shelf right below the TV, but our sound bars also come with everything you would need to mount it directly on the wall.

  • If you have one of our TCL Roku TV Ready Sound Bars that come with a wireless subwoofer like the Alto 6+, place that pretty-much anywhere in the room. Typically, you’ll want to place it in a corner, a few inches away from the wall, for the best sound.

  • In addition to power, all you will need to connect is an HDMI cable—and yes, one is included! —between the HDMI ARC (that stands for Audio Return Channel) on the sound bar and the HDMI ARC input on the TV.

  • With apologies to all of the engineers who created this magic, at this point both the TV and the sound bar say, “Hey! We are designed to work together,” and the sound bar and TV get all synced up.

One of my favorite parts to this, is that accompanying this simple setup is a great on-screen tutorial, walking you through the install process. It is automatically triggered to play as soon as you connect the HDMI cable. And to start you off on the right foot, after a quick, successful setup (seriously, in like a minute!) is a kick-butt demo video to show that you have not only connected it properly, but also to show off the potential of your awesome new Alto Sound Bar!

One Remote

After the initial sync, you will really start to experience the magic of Roku TV Ready: audio playing on your TV screen is automatically sent to your sound bar. When you change the volume using your TCL Roku TV remote, it automatically adjusts the volume level of the sound bar. Even when you hit “Mute” on your TV remote, everything gets muted.

Quick Settings

Even cooler, the adjustments you might want to make on the sound bar now (magically) are embedded in your TV menus. Hitting the “*” button on your TCL Roku TV remote brings up not only all of the TV adjustments (color, tint, etc.) to which you’ve grown accustomed, but also you will find things like your sound modes (Movie, Music, TV, Boost) right there in new Sound Mode menu, along with everything else you would have previously used the sound bar remote to adjust. See? Simple!

In addition to the aforementioned HDMI connection found on every TCL Sound Bar with Roku TV Ready, you will also find an optical connection, analog connection and even Bluetooth®.  This means that even if you have a different type of setup or TV, TCL thought of it, and you can enjoy the great sound that comes from our nearly two decades of audio design and manufacturing expertise.

I have always told customers that the best home theater system is no good if it’s too complicated to enjoy, and TCL has delivered the modern-day pinnacle of simple installation and enjoyment with our latest Sound Bar lineup. Sound too good to be true? Check it out for yourself.