What makes a smart home, smart? 

To me, it’s not all of the dozens of things I see connected to my home network when I look at it. It’s not the coffee table full of voice-enabled remotes that I see at my friends’ houses when I visit. It’s not even knowing that I’ll never again have to ask, “what’s on TV tonight?”

To me, a true smart home is one that works seamlessly and easily so everyone gets to enjoy more of the things they love. My wife doesn’t need to know how the sausage is made, it’s just great to know that she’s comfortable saying, “Hey Google, open the garage door,” and it just works! 

At TCL, we are proud of our mission to bring joy and simplicity to our users through the thoughtful implementation of technology. We carefully chose those words, even know that it became a much more challenging task for our teams to deliver technology not just for the sake of technology.

Being smart means working across products, brands, and rooms of your house. To date, there have been some amazing things our TVs can do:  TCL Roku TVs offer an amazing and powerful voice search that lets you quickly and easily find content. They are also compatible with Alexa, Hey Google and Siri. Plus, TCL TVs with Google TV offer a content-forward approach that lets Google Assistant not only find and show you content without caring which streaming service it’s on, but also serves up that content through simple voice commands like, “who is that actor that starred in Knives Out and looks like James Bond?” (It was Daniel Craig, with a Texas accent of all things!)   

Smarter Smart TV

Of course, like all great performances, there is some preparation to be done before showtime.

We’ve stepped outside the box….the box that is your TV, that is. We’re continually working with our partners to bring exciting, new experiences to our users. 

Our TCL TVs with Google TV, have remotes with build-in microphones, making it easy to call on the Google Assistant. Some of these TVs even have hands-free voice control, so you can set aside your remote and use your voice to search and access entertainment, get answers, control your TV and smart home devices, and more! With Google Assistant, that also means that thousands of compatible smart devices can be set up with your Google Home app, allowing you to create new routines.

When the kids want to watch the latest blockbuster movies, they can simply say, “Hey Google, it’s movie time!” And just like that, your smart home does the rest: dims the lights, draws the curtains, fires up the TV and even maybe starts the popcorn maker. Man, was setup worth the time it took!

A Better View of your Smart Home

Beyond Google Assistant, TCL TVs with Google TV let you see your smart home on-screen! Just open the TCL Home Console at the push of a button and control things like your Breeva Air Purifier, Sweeva Robot Vacuum, and more, all without interrupting your favorite show!

This can also be done with the really cool TCL Home app on your smart phone or tablet. Monitor, control, and view the progress of all your connected TCL products. Plus in the future, even register your products and reach out to us if you need help—all from the app!

Let’s not forget all of this can be accessed and controlled using the Google Home app, Google TV app, Roku App, or TCL Home app on your TCL smartphone or tablet!

Sounds Like a Smart Idea

“Smart” can mean many things, including being simple and transparent to the user. Did you know that our newest TCL sound bar connects to our TCL Roku TVs with exactly zero wires?  Simply plug it into power, follow the voice instructions, and in a matter of seconds (really seconds!) you’ll be enjoying theater quality sound.

Do you need to know that it connects via a proprietary connectivity called Wi-Fi Direct? Nope, just know that it works. And works great! There’s not even a remote in the box for the sound bar. All your adjustments are even magically embedded right into the menus of your TV, all controlled with your existing TV remote!

So, whatever your desired level of “smart,” TCL TVs, appliances, sound bars, phones, tablets, and apps will get you there and help you enjoy more.