It’s finally here, Spring has sprung!

The sights, sounds, and smells of Spring come about every year as we get to open our windows and let the fresh air in. 

With that comes a “fresh” round of Spring cleaning. At TCL, we know that the easier a Spring cleaning goes, the happier we all are, and the sooner we can get out onto the patio for a refreshing drink or a BBQ with the family. 

We created our new line of Sweeva Robot Vacuums to keep your floors clean, create a healthier environment at home, and take some of the work load off of you and your family. Plus, we’ve got a Sweeva for everyone’s needs.

Simply put, our Sweeva robot vacuums clean what you want, where you want, and when you want.  How “automatic” you want depends on which one is right for you. Let’s take a look:

Sweeva 1000

It all starts with our Sweeva 1000.  It is small on price, but big on performance.  Things like powerful suction, an extra-large dust bin, and up to a 2-hour run time, means that you won’t sacrifice performance to maximize value. Add to it extras like an included remote, washable HEPA filter, and a super slim profile (at under 3-inches it can go where others can’t!) and you get a great robot vacuum.

Sweeva 2000

Step up to our Sweeva 2000 and you get even more! With 30% more suction you get an even deeper cleaning on floors and rugs. Sweeva 2000 even increases the suction power as needed on rugs for an even deeper clean! It will run longer between charges Plus, you can also set up magnetic virtual walls to keep it cleaning where you want, and not where you don’t.

Sweeva 6000

Our Premium Sweeva 6000 has everything in it but the kitchen sink! Even stronger suction is amongst the best in the industry. For an even deeper clean, we have added the option of UV-C Sterilization. To complement ultimate performance, you also get ultimate convenience. As the Sweeva 6000 navigates its way around your house, it draws maps, in real time, and assigns room numbers that you can later choose to clean more or less frequently when scheduling cleanings! Plus, you can customize your map by creating new rooms, combining rooms, adding virtual walls, and adding multiple maps (perfect for multiple floors).

Want to empty the dust bin less often? Our Sweeva 6500 adds a GINORMOUS dust bin, meaning you only need to empty the leak-proof dust box about once a month. Cool!

Smart Control, Made Refreshingly Simple

Controlling all of these Robot Vacuums could not be easier…until they become self-aware...we have all seen The Terminator…but we are a ways off from that…

The base models come with a remote for simple control and programming. Our higher models are compatible with the TCL Home App. From there (depending on the model), you can not only control and schedule it, but also see the map of your house, set favorite areas, set “no go zones” to keep the vacuum away, and even monitor the remaining time on all the accessories such as brushes and filters. 

Want more convenience? Our smart models can also be controlled on select TCL TVs! Watching your favorite movie, but just remembered the upstairs bedroom could use a tidying up? Simply pick up your TV remote, launch the TCL Home Console, and get it running without interrupting the action! You can also check in on and control your TCL Breeva Air Purifier! Now that’s Smart TV!

So, from simple to sophisticated, good to amazing, our new line of Sweeva Robot Vacuums will mean both more cleanliness and less work for you—a match made in heaven!