As more and more people cut the cord, the overwhelming number of options by which they can consume their content can seem too daunting at times, resulting in frustration: "But I just want to watch The Big Bang Theory!!!" With the average price of cable skyrocketing over $130/month, people want options.

While some of our users have tended to adopt the new way of watching TV quickly, others are trying to understand that the traditional "What's on TV tonight" method is only one way to watch.

Fortunately, TCL is committed to making your favorite entertainment easier to access and enjoy. And, to that end, we have MANY ways to consume TV in traditional ways, even after you’ve cut the cord.

In addition to Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and thousands of other channels available on TCL Roku TVs, we have several Live TV Streaming Options that let you watch your favorite primetime shows, local news and weather programming, and even "record" your favorite shows to watch later. Sick of your cable provider being the only game in town and wish you had more choice?  TCL is here to help!

Amongst those alternatives are: DIRECTV Now, Hulu with Live TV, Philo, PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and fubo TV, to name a few. Each of these offer a variety of packages, with a huge selection of premium live TV channels to suit your viewing habits, and "Cloud DVR" availability (meaning you can watch and record shows on ANY of your TCL Roku TVs!).

As I write this post, there is no other smart TV system in the US that provides access to all of these services plus the thousands more found on TCL Roku TVs.  Something to keep in mind when thinking about buying your next TV.

All these services offer their version of a "guide" to see what’s on TV and scores of programming options.

You’ll want to do some research on which channels are available from which channel. For example, if you’re a  fan of The Discovery Channel, be sure to check different channel line ups to see where it’s available.  Here is a great link from our friends at CNET which is a helpful place to start. As always, check with the specific provider for the latest channel offerings. 

What may seem daunting at first will soon become second nature, especially when you consider all the additional benefits:

  • Better prices than most cable or satellite TV providers.
  • Specialized programming is simple to add (One "sports package" of 13 sports channels is 5 bucks a month!).
  • Cloud DVR available on TCL Roku TVs.
  • Free trials available so you can see what’s best for you before you buy!
  • If you don’t want to connect an antenna to your TV, many offer local channels for your news and weather.
  • There’s no need to sign up for a long-term contract.
  • No more waiting for an installer to visit between noon and 6pm.
  • No more juggling remotes or making space for a bulky cable or satellite box.
  • No need to pay a cable provider monthly rental fee for a set-top box.

Your options are nearly limitless, and after a little homework, you’ll both save money and get the shows and channels you want, your way.

To paraphrase The Boss: “Thousands of channels and anything you want is on!”