What’s new and exciting for TCL’s TV line in 2023?

Without exaggeration—absolutely 100% totally absolutely everything!!

It’s so new that we came up with all-new product names and an easy way to understand which TV is right for you.

In a nutshell, we have something for everyone: from a super-value 32” for that spare bedroom, all the way up to a wall-devouring 98” TV that I would personally put up against any TV on the market. Hard stop! 😊

New Lineup, New Names

Our TV lineup this year is divided into two families: the S Class and the Q Class.

S Class is Simply Smart while our Q Class all feature QLED Quantum Dot Color and industry-leading features. 

Let’s take a closer look at the lineup.

Simply Smart

Our S2 can be had in a 32" screen size, but even as our entry level TV I have to say—it’s pretty sweet.

It’s wrapped in a full metal bezel-less design, so it will look great on that bureau in the spare bedroom. It also packs 720p HD resolution, great connectivity, and even a Game Mode for more responsiveness.

Smart and Versatile

Moving to the S3 brings more screen sizes up to 43" and helpful features like 1080p Full HD, for not only a sharper picture, but it’s great for a second computer monitor.

Surprisingly at this level, it also offers support for HDR, which is generally to be accepted as one of the most boundary-pushing picture improvement technologies to come along in a generation!

Smart and Stunning

Things really start to get interesting with the S4, which showcases TCL’s prowess in delivering leading technology through vertical integration (meaning we make all our own stuff)!

The 4K Ultra HD picture is 4-times the resolution of HD, and we have expanded the envelope for both picture and sound performance. We’ve also added Dolby Vision HDR, widely accepted as providing the best HDR performance, along with MEMC motion smoothing. As the official TV partner of the NFL, we know the importance of clear fast-action, and that is what this technology delivers!

As for audio, we offer high-end Dolby Atmos to make your compatible Sound Bar or home theater sound its best. We also added DTS Virtual:X to improve the sound of your built-in speakers for those of you without an external sound system.

This TV should even interest the gamers! Auto Game Mode (ALLM) means you’ll never have to remember to configure the TV to perform best while gaming. You’ll simply know, as it seamless goes from using the best picture setting for gaming, to the best cinematic picture setting when enjoying your favorite blockbuster movie—automatically!

Compelling Color and More

Things really get interesting up with our Q Class of TVs! 

When TCL pioneered QLED technology in 2015 by introducing the world’s first big-screen quantum dot TV, we knew we were looking at the future. Well, the future is now!

The Q6 has QLED color technology and so much more. Powering the QLED layer is our new High Brightness panel, delivering up to 66% more brightness than our S4 TVs. This combination of Ultra-wide color gamut and high brightness delivers that magic sauce known as “high color volume.” This means you’ll see great colors not only a dark room with dark content, but also in a bright room with bright content, a feat other technologies struggle with.

For the gamer, we build on ALLM and add an advanced feature—120Hz VRR gaming. Dedicated gamers will want the fluid fast action that only 120Hz VRR gaming can deliver.

Other premium features include adjustable-space feet, so you can have the 75” Q6 where a 55” would normally struggle to fit!

True Premium TV

Premium performance even without having to step up to our flagship—introducing Q7. It packs the performance to satisfy the needs and wants of 95% of enthusiasts out there!

The Q7 has our High Brightness Pro display, Full Array Pro local dimming, and native 120Hz panel, to deliver performance on par with our top-of-the-line TV from last year.

Making this value-packed model even better, we now have our TCL AiPQ Gen 3 engine, designed to deliver the best performance in motion handling, fast action handling, and local dimming control. This new engine will now make TCL part of discussions surrounding the “best processors in the TV business.”

Gaming takes another, unprecedented leap forward thanks to the Q7’s Game Accelerator 240, with an unheard of 240Hz VRR gaming! As the official TV of Call of Duty®, we know how important the smoothest action and an optimized fast-response gaming experience is. The Q7 delivers.

IMAX Enhanced certification and FreeSync Premium Pro certification means that industry experts can attest to the fact that the Q7 delivers the best performance around. Fun stuff like a slick backlit remote adds to the long list of premium features included.

Ultimate 4K Mini LED TV

If the Q7 is “all that and a cup of tea” how can we top it off?!

The QM8 builds on the technology TCL helped pioneer: QLED and Mini-LED (TCL introduced the world’s first Mini-LED TV way back in 2019!) to launch what I feel is the Ultimate 4K Mini-LED for 2023.

While we are getting True Premium TV in 2023 with our Q7, it’s the ultimate performance of our QM8 that requires a true implementation of Mini-LED, with up to 2300+ local dimming zones. That’s class leading!

The QM8 is a TV that will go toe-to-toe against the best in the industry! Name your bogey, we are ready.  If you look at the performance envelope, it includes delivering inky blacks in a dark-room environment that other technologies are famous for, and couple it with the unprecedented brightness and color volume achieved through Mini-LED technology, a High Brightness Ultra panel, and up to 2300+ zones of local dimming. Together, you have what we like to call the ultimate 4K Mini-LED TV! And available in 98-inches?!

Wow! Now that’s the ultimate home theater TV!

So, for 2023, TCL checks all the boxes…scratch that. We aren’t checking boxes just for the sake of checking them...

For 2023, TCL has thoughtfully implemented technologies and features at every level to help you enjoy your favorite sports, movies, and video games, even more.