TCL has a history of amazing innovations

The world’s first big-screen Quantum dot TV.

The world’s first Mini-LED TV.

We’re one of the few TV brands that’s vertically integrated—a fancy term that means we make EVERYTHING that goes into the TV so we can maximize quality and value for our users.

To put that scale into perspective, TCL’s amazing panel manufacturing arm made 55,000 acres of screens in the first half of this year!

As a leader in big-screen TVs, we offer users plenty of options in 65” all the way up to 98" screen sizes! We’ve even had our award-winning 6-Series Mini-LED TVs available up to a massive 75” screen size.

That changes today.

Our newest and best 6-Series TV ever is now available in a wall-devouring 85" screen size. 

As much of a breakthrough as this set is, it warrants a deeper dive!

Bigger, Brighter, Bolder Mini-LED TV

First, what really makes this TV special is it’s Mini-LED backlight, a technology pioneered by TCL. The backlight on a TV is the “engine” that drives the picture.

Simply put, the backlight is behind the LCD panel (the front part of the TV you can touch) and “shines through it” to make the picture you see. To keep it simple, there’s lots of stuff in between, like the color layer, but more on that for another blog!

I’ve simplified this to illustrate the importance of a high-performance backlight. Without the proper brightness, you can’t get all the things that make a picture awesome: the bright blue skies of an afternoon Patriots game, the searing brightness of the light sabers as Ben duals Vader in Obi-Wan Kenobi, or even the gloomy shadow detail lost on other TVs in “that episode” of Game of Thrones. All your viewing is enhanced with a well-controlled, powerful backlight.

Contrast, Controlled.

The backlight on the new 85" 6-Series is powerful for a few reasons. Compared with traditional TVs that have anywhere from a handful of LEDs to maybe a few hundred, TCL’s Mini-LED backlight is comprised of thousands of micrometer class mini-LEDs, for unprecedented luminance and uniformity.

We also have our renowned Contrast Control ZonesTM technology, also known as local dimming, which means that you can have both the whitest-whites and blackest-blacks on screen at the same time. Only an LED TV with technology like this can do that.

So, we have the "horsepower" to deliver an amazing picture not only in a dark, light-controlled room, but also in a bright, sun filled room. Some technologies fall apart in the latter scenario. Not this TV.

Over a Billion Brilliant Colors

The next ingredient is great color: enter QLED or Quantum dot.

Quantum dot technology can reproduce 100% of the color standard used by the moviemakers when they create our favorite films. Our leadership in in Quantum dot means you get rich, vibrant, and accurate colors... and powered by that Mini-LED backlight… WOW. What you get are great colors no matter how bright your room gets! It brings all the performance of the latest Dolby Vision movies to life! Only a QLED TV can do that.

Play Like a Pro

So, there’s class-leading picture performance, but you need more than that to make a great, well-rounded TV.

Gamers are gonna freak! With our Game Studio ProTM suite, you get things like 120Hz gaming, FreeSyncTM Premium Pro, VRR, and Auto Game Mode, which all adds up to world-class gaming… on an 85-inch!!  

Designed to Perform

Powerful picture and advanced gaming deserve a premium look.

With our FullView design, you get bezel-less top and sides, and the slim bottom bezel incorporates our ambient brightness sensor. This works with Dolby Vision IQ to automatically adapt the TV’s picture to changing light conditions in your room.

You also get adjustable feet spacing for wider or narrower stands so that even a TV of this size fits into your room for maximum enjoyable.

Simply BIG

Even a TV this massive, with so many advanced features and premium technologies, it still makes all your favorite content accessible. All your favorite streaming channels are front and center, plus it’s got powerful search features and easy voice control that works with Alexa, Siri, and Hey Google.

So, it’s got the looks, the brains, the performance…did I mention it’s 85-inches?! Best of all, it’s available at an achievable price. Just remember to pair with one of TCL’s Alto Sound Bars to get immersive sound to match the incredible picture.

Did I mention it’s 85-inches?!