Imagine the desolate beauty of one of Southern California’s most incredible gems – quiet vacation towns nestled against a rocky mountain-scape, exuding tranquility and freedom. These cities offer some of the most renowned restaurants, shopping destinations, and resorts one can find in California

Now, add in an infinite amount of flower crowns, enough Instagram uploads to crash their servers and some of the biggest artists in music anywhere—welcome to Coachella! It’s two weekends of one of the biggest (and probably best) music festivals in the world. More than 250,000 people descend on the Coachella Valley to rock their faces off in a three-day long party. And, we over here at TCL threw on our flower crowns, uploaded out #OOTD, and then set out to help people KROQ their faces off.

TCL Coachella KROQ House

TCL teamed up with the lovely people at to put on the #KROQHouse (AKA - #AMPHouse or #ChannelQHouse). The KROQ House is a mainstay at Coachella, offering attendees a three-day mini-festival consisting of a pool party, live music, open bar, and catered food from Eureka! Burger and Del Taco’s brand new Beyond Tacos.

TCL came in and slapped down TCL Roku TVs to make sure attendees did not miss a performance or interview. We even hosted a Silent Disco which showcased our MTRO200 headphones. But, what about Monday, when that festival hangover kicks in and we are all sad again? Well, TCL made headphones rain down. Attendees scored TCL headphones left, right and center from in-person and online giveaways. It was just a small token to make sure that even when the festival ended, music lovers would still be ready and able to keep the party going.

TCL Coachella KROQ House

But, why do this if you have access to Coachella? Easy. This baby rocks out in the morning to mid-afternoon over the course of Coachella at a time when mostly smaller, lesser known bands are gracing the stage. And the bigger artists? They play here first. This is where fans have experienced the likes of Billie Eilish, The 1975, CHVRCHES, Arizona, Alice Merton, and more, in a setting where no matter where you’re standing, you are in the front row. And if you are Silent Discoing during a performance, don’t worry, there are some handy TCL TVs to keep you in the action.