Each year the electronics recycling industry comes together to focus on addressing a growing environmental challenge: what options are available to consumers when they’re finished using electronics products?

TCL, along with other leading electronics manufacturers, recyclers, environmental agencies, sustainability organizations, state and federal government officials, and attendees from across the world, joined together to address this and many other environment challenges at the recent E-Scrap Conference and Trade Show in Orlando, Florida.

The three-day event kicked off with the opening keynote panel entitled “Tech Giants at the Table,” where TCL’s Vice President of Corporate & Legal Affairs, Jonathan King, took center stage alongside representatives from three other major electronics manufacturers. TCL’s participation was a natural choice. As an award-winning sustainability leader recognized for its work to advance easy, convenient, and affordable consumer solutions, TCL has become known throughout the industry as an environmental advocate. The panel touched on several current environmental matters and upcoming trends and looked back at how electronics recycling and stewardship efforts have evolved, while engaging in questions from the audience.

As America’s fastest-growing and #2 TV brand, TCL’s solution-oriented policies are vital to providing recycling access to people across the country. With environmental sustainability an important pillar of the TCLCares program, the company is passionate about continuing to grow electronics recycling solutions. Jonathan touched on TCL’s sustainability infrastructure, the work it’s done to provide free recycling solutions in under-served communities, and its vision for how the industry will evolve to address the next generation of challenges.

Where manufacturers perhaps once shied away from such conferences, TCL can proudly be an integral part of the activities. And its extensive environmental work doesn’t just end there. Because there’s more to do.

“We’ve done some amazing sustainability work, doubling our recycling goals year-over-year since 2014, but our plans go way beyond helping communities with creating and funding electronics recycling programs,” said Jonathan. “TCL believes that consumer awareness of the importance of electronics recycling, and its availability, needs to be better. We want everyone to know what to do with old electronics products and where to take them, and we’re going to be taking the lead in raising that awareness so all communities can benefit.”

In the next few months, TCL will be announcing new initiatives to better inform the public and build momentum, and will continue to implement its customer-oriented electronics recycling solutions so all TCL TV owners can easily, and affordably, recycle their TVs.