As one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world, TCL is continually innovating new and better ways for you to interact with our products.

Previously, I’ve written about some of the cool ways to control our TVs using remotes, your phone and even your voice! Now, I want to focus on a really great way that our smart home appliances can be controlled to make your life easier.

Last year, we rolled out the TCL Home App that brings convenience and simplicity to operating your Wi-Fi enabled home appliances. 

In an era where we can do nearly everything with our phones (e.g., “Where is the Big Dipper tonight?  Hey! I have an app for that!”), it will come as no surprise that the TCL Home App can start and stop your home appliances from anywhere, but I want to highlight a few REALLY cool things it can do beyond that!

Smarter Together

Truth time: I may be that guy who sits and stares at his robot vacuum to figure out how it finds its way around. But, of course, using the TCL Home App led me to conclude even further: it’s basically magic!

With Sweeva 6000 and 6500, there are amazing features that were added through regular updates, including:

  • Set schedules, so it cleans when you want.
  • Set up rooms, so it cleans where you want.
  • Change suction levels and highlight high-traffic areas, so it cleans how you want.
  • Clean certain rooms more frequently if needed, so it cleans what you wany.
Robot vacuum app control
Robot vacuum app control

Sweeva 6000 and 6500 can make a map of your house in real time, and that level of intelligence can be very beneficial. When there are big changes to your home’s layout (e.g. maybe you've rearranged your furniture), the next time the Sweeva does it’s thing…BOOM…it automatically draws a new map so it can clean more efficiently. This is super helpful when you’ve rearranged your furniture. I even witnessed the vacuum navigate around my cat in the living room, drew him in on the map, then when he moved, it went back and cleaned where he was sleeping!

Beyond the great cleaning features, there are more great convenience features.  Two of my favorites:

  • If your vacuum wanders off (we have all seen The Terminator, we know what it’s up to!), you can locate it and bring it to you using the TCL Home App.
  • You can see the status of your brushes and filters, and when it’s time to replace them, so you can make sure that your vacuum is always working at peak performance!

Beyond operating our WiFi-connected home appliances and select TCL TVs, I love the information I can see about my home. Getting real-time information on both the air quality and VOC level from my Breeva air purifier really puts my mind at ease. Seeing how much time I have left before I need to replace my filter will mean I can make sure to always have a spare one handy at the right time. I can easily set a time to turn it off when I want, and adjust the intensity of the night light (Breeva A3 and A5). 

Smart Control for Today and Tomorrow

Aside from helpful product-specific options, there are great features like a quick shortcut to make your appliances part of your Alexa or Google-powered smart home.

You can also customize your house in the app. For example, when I moved my Breeva air purifier from my living room down to my home office, I easily changed the location in the TCL Home app. That helps me stay organized.

You can quickly check and update the firmware on your TCL Smart Home appliances from the app, too. Yes, we are at the point in our lives where our robot vacuums get firmware updates! TCL engineers around the world work constantly to improve our products every day, so that your experience with your smart products gets even better over time!

So, check out the TCL Home app, available on Android and iOS devices, and connect your compatible TCL smart home appliances. Then enjoy more from your smarter, more convenient home.