Did you know that not only is TCL Roku TV an amazing streaming device, but it’s also an amazing TV? When you aren’t enjoying one of the thousands of streaming apps, you can connect all your existing (and future) entertainment devices to the TV for hours upon hours of endless entertainment!

Let’s talk cable! With 3 HDMI inputs, you can connect ANY cable or satellite box to your TV. How amazing is that!? So, even if you have DISH, DirecTV, Comcast, or any other cable provider, you can connect these devices to watch TV as you normally would. You can also use the coaxial and composite inputs for non-HDMI connecting devices.

While TCL Roku TVs offer incredible streaming options, remember that it’s also a bona fide TV! That means there's a built-in tuner to which you can connect an antenna and enjoy free over-the-air channels. With the latest updates, you can even pause and rewind 90 minutes of live TV (using your 16GB thumb drive).

Have a DVD, Blu-ray player, game console or other digital devices? You can connect those too! Using one of the TV's 3 HDMI inputs is the best way to connect any of these devices, but you can also use the composite video (red, yellow, white) input for a legacy device such as a VCR.

There are also 3 ways to connect to your audio system. There's the latest HDMI ARC connection, a digital optical audio output, and a traditional analog audio out (which doubles as a headphone jack).

Additionally, there’s even a USB port that allows you to play movies, pictures, and music from a thumb drive directly on your TV.

To top it off, these fun features are packed into one easy-to-use menu that allows you to simply navigate between streaming TV, cable, gaming consoles, or other devices without having to switch through inputs. It’s all right there, front-and-center for you to customize and personalize to create your very own entertainment destination.

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