TCL is more than a TV brand. Set aside the fact that we are the number two best-selling brand in America with a full array of home theater and personal audio products, we are in the business of entertainment. For example, our partnerships exemplify all the ways we entertain the masses on the daily. But this time, we punched our plane tickets, buckled in our award-winning 6-Series and new Alto Sound Bars, and jet-set off to New York. Queue Sinatra’s New York, New York, JAY Z’s Empire State of Mind, and the video montage of our TVs traveling across the country.

The Tribeca Film Festival is one of the most prestigious festivals in the world, where future Academy Award winning movies and stars make their debuts or continue to add to any already impressive résumé. TCL hosted the star-studded reception for Gully and Framing John DeLorean on the rooftop of the Arlo in SoHo with the likes of Alec Baldwin, Dua Lipa, Amber Heard, Morena Baccarin,Chase Utley, and others. Known for art, trendy boutiques and famous retailers, SoHo remains the heart of Tribeca and TCL’s home theater setup felt right at home.

Tribeca Film Festival

Like most art-sy events, the reception hall was dark and dimly lit. But like a lighthouse in the night, the 75-inch TCL 6-Series illuminated the room with it’s powerful performance while being able to handle the dark images of the two films with it’s 160 Contrast Control Zones proving yet again, that we can be the one bright light in the room while simultaneously handling the darkest scenes the directors envisioned (For those unaware, just remember to tweet at TCL and #AskBruce, he will walk you through everything you need to know). This was complimented by the TCL Alto 7+ sound bar and subwoofer which gave DJ Trauma a real run for his money in the unofficial “Who can be louder competition.” Spoiler Alert: TCL took home the gold.

Seeing a movie in the theater is an experience like no other, especially when you are seated in front of the world’s largest IMAX at the famous TCL Chinese Theatre. But if you’re like me and Dorothy, there is no place like home. So, lay out the snacks, crack a cold one, invite some friends over and upgrade that home theater to a 6-Series and Alto 7+ and enjoy whatever-it-is that you’re watching from the comfort of your own home and scream at your TV during the latest Game of Thrones episode – talk about stressful.