Have you ever thought about the fact that someone in your life who has great ideas, creative thoughts, and a pleasing personality is often described as “a breath of fresh air?"

We use this phrase because we know that fresh air is reinvigorating and good for us. With TCL's line of air purifiers, you can make the air inside your home as fresh as the air you breathe on the first day of spring after a long New England winter.

Whole Home Coverage

We have a range of air purifiers that can be used in any room, on any floor, or for your whole house.

Starting with your home office or a smaller bedroom, our Breeva A2 is designed to be in closer proximity to you, and it takes care of things with features geared towards this purpose.

It's really quiet, like "is it on?!" quiet, at only 26 decibels. This means it won't disturb you while you sleep or work. The A2 is also powerful, and it can clean the air in your room up to 5 times an hour, removing harmful microbes so you can breathe easy. With four stages of filtration, including an activated carbon filter and a True Hepa (H13) filter, the A2 removes 99.97% of harmful particles from the air you breathe. The A2 also includes a light-humidification process to ensure your air is not too dry. It can easily be controlled by the TCL Home App, or with your voice using Alexa or Google Assistant. The sleek, modern design is available in black or white to fit into your decor.

For larger areas, our A3 Breeva is the perfect choice. It can clean up to 600 square feet while remaining incredibly quiet. In addition to covering a larger area, the A3 includes an added layer of cleaning with UV-C sterilization, a convenient ambient light, and more advanced air quality sensors that use lasers.

If you have an oversized room, floor, or area to keep clean, our Breeva A5 can clean nearly 1,000 square feet quickly and quietly. The A5 has a 4-level fan speed (with auto), which works harder when it needs to and more quietly when it can.

The Smart Way to Cleaner Air

All of our air purifiers are equipped with smart features such as filter replacement reminders, timers (on the control panel or with the TCL Home App), real-time air quality updates, and the ability to adjust the control light. With the app, you can set a countdown timer and get specific, real-time details on your air quality.

So, breathe easy, as spring is near. Even with pollen season arriving soon, you can be comfortable knowing that powerful and convenient air purifiers from TCL can keep the pollen in check.