If it’s one thing that warms my heart, it’s a neatly wired home theater system. Spoiler alert: I’m a nerd!

I’ve heard stories of my friends dreading having me over because of how I react to the “rat’s nest” of wires behind their TVs! In my opinion, a cleanly installed home theater system not only makes for a better presentation, but also makes it easier to swap out new components. It can even ensure better performance.

Traditionally, I accomplish clean wire management with a never-ending stream of zip ties, wire loom and double-sided tape. But it is worth it at the end of the day! When you sit down to watch the latest blockbuster movie, or your favorite sports team, anything that can distract you takes you out of the experience—including those pesky dangling wires…

At TCL, we haven’t forgotten about this! That’s why we’ve introduced features to help your home theater stay clean and elegant, easily! 

Eliminating Interference  

One cool thing on our TVs is that the power cord and all the connections on the back of the TV are located on opposite sides. By doing this, you can organize most of your cables without the worry of the power cord creating any interference with your signal wires. 

Adjustable Feet Width

Additionally, on our 5-Series and 6-Series TVs, we have upgraded the feet in a few ways.  First, on the 65” and 75” sets, the feet have two different mounting points, one considerably narrower than the other. This means more flexibility in installation. For example, our 55” 6-Series (55R635) requires a stand that is 43.3” wide.  With the feet in the narrow position, our 75” 6-Series (75R635) requires a stand only 25.9” wide! This feature lets you fit even larger TVs to your room, not to your stand.

Cable Management Made Easy

And about those feet… The back of our feet on 5-Series and 6-Series models are hollowed out, with a removeable cover, allowing you to conceal the power cord, and connection cords, within each of the feet. Nice and neat, no zip ties or double-sided tape!

Our engineers designing sound bars have not forgotten wire management either. On our award-winning Alto 9+ Atmos Sound Bar, all the connections are neatly concealed by a slick-looking, removeable cover, making for a sweet presentation as you enjoy the awesome audio this sound bar delivers.

So, there you have it: with a little work, some forethought about how everything is getting connected, and your new TCL TVs and sound bars can deliver a great home theater experience that has exceptional picture and sound, and you’ll have the premium look you’ll be proud of, leaving your guests to remark, “gorgeous setup!”