There’s big… There’s BIG… And then there’s REALLY BIG! 

In cars, it’s the phrase “there’s no replacement for displacement.” In sports, it’s “go big, or go home.” And for TCL in 2022, it’s the expansion of our XL Collection to include our amazingly impressive and achievable 98" XL Collection QLED TV!

With a quarter of all TVs sold last year in the US being made of screen sizes 60” and larger, we see the desire for our users to not just watch TV but get immersed in the latest Hollywood blockbusters as if they were in their local cineplex, only better!

What does 98” mean to our customers? It’s a TV over 7 feet wide and 4 ½ feet tall! Yes… REALLY BIG.

In the past, getting such an immersive experience in your home required an expensive projector, finding the right screen, and then making sure all the lights were turned off and the windows were darkened to get acceptable performance. Now with our new XL Collection QLED TV, just get it home, mount it or get it on a stand. At about 130 pounds, it weighs what some 65” screens weighed just a few short years ago!

Hit the power button, and you are good to go. Nighttime…daytime…sports…movies…Yellowstone…you name it: the TV works with your lifestyle now, not the other way around!

Bringing the Cinema Home

Let’s get back to the movie theater analogy. A 60-degree viewing angle is that magic number cinephiles look for to achieve that truly immersive experience.  At the legendary TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, that means planting yourself in the middle of the auditorium to fully enjoy the 100-foot screen. 

That same feeling can be enjoyed by sitting at a comfortable distance in your living room from our new 98” QLED-powered TV!

But beyond sheer wall-devouring size, TCL is known for delivering Powerful Performance  in more ways than one, and the new 98” continues that tradition. Powered by our Contrast Control Zones – the ONLY way an LED TV can show the blackest-blacks and whitest-whites on screen at the same time – the Hollywood inspired color performance of quantum dot QLED color combines with breathtaking 4K resolution, for a TV that really delivers!

Smarter Big-Screen Entertainment

Of course, watching your favorite content is no fun if it takes too long to uncover where to watch the new Matrix Resurrections. Our new 98” QLED TV features Google TV, the amazing content-forward streaming platform that gets you watching your shows instead of wading through apps! You can even set aside your remote and use your voice to search and access entertainment, get answers, control your TV and smart home devices, and more!

Of course, with a TV this captivating, it will be no time before the gamer in your family is connecting their new next-gen game console or gaming rig to it. Simply plug it on the side like a regular ole TV…another advantage compared to the complicated old school home theaters! Before you know it, they’ll be gaming with the latest features: 120Hz gaming, Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Game Mode, will give you everything you need for immersive, next-level gaming.

So, it looks like another banner year for TCL’s XL Collection! Now even BIGGER.