Top Electronics Brand Grows its Award-Winning Portfolio with Televisions That Push the Boundaries of Innovation and Size for More Premium Home Theater Solutions


IRVINE, May 13, 2024 - Today TCL®, one of the world’s best-selling and leading consumer electronics companies, launched an expanded and enhanced TV portfolio. Known for its quick rise to success, TCL is taking home theater performance to new heights with revolutionary, feature-packed models being added to all levels of its award-winning lineup. Raising the bar in quality, technology and value, TCL’s 2024 TVs truly allow consumers to get more from the products they choose.

TCL TVs offer a home theater solution for virtually every need across its critically acclaimed Smart S Class and QLED Q Class, with a wider range of sizes from 32” all the way up to 115” for TCL’s largest and best Mini LED TV - the ultimate home theater centerpiece. Superior picture and gaming enhancements, stylish FullView 360 thin metal bezel-less design, custom install and hospitality mode capabilities, three new 98” QLED TVs at the Q6, QM7 and QM8 levels, advanced QD-Mini LED technology, and built-in multi-channel sound boasting new audio features like enhanced dialog mode and TV as center channel mode are just some of the ways that TCL is continuing its legacy of innovation throughout the entire lineup.

“There’s a reason TCL has been a top two best-selling TV brand in the U.S. year after year and that is undoubtedly because we deliver premium products with more benefits to the consumer at prices more of them can afford,” said Chris Hamdorf, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, TCL. “As we invest further into improving features that we’ve pioneered and immersive ultra large screens that push the boundaries of ‘cinema at home,’ we are educating users along the way. We want everyone to know how simple it is to achieve that cinematic magic through our innovation and manufacturing advantages as a vertically integrated company.”

TCL has both enhanced and expanded AiPQ Processing for 2024, including S Class for the first time, ensuring TCL delivers pristine picture quality for all 4K UHD customers. In 2024, TCL will utilize three levels of advanced TCL AiPQ Processing, all featuring AI Color, AI Contrast, AI Clarity, and AI Motion - the TCL AiPQ Processor, the TCL AiPQ PRO Processor, and the TCL AiPQ ULTRA Processor.

“TCL continues to offer the best possible combination of quality, technology, and value, but for 2024, we are truly raising the bar in TV,” said Scott Ramirez, Vice President of Product Marketing & Development, TCL. “With three levels of advanced TCL AiPQ Processing, including a unique position in S Class, new industry leading QD-Mini LED technology that is a must-see, the world’s largest 115” QD-Mini LED TV, and a long list of other 2024 technology firsts, TCL is clearly the one to watch in 2024.”

TCL Q Class Smart TV

TCL’s new Q Class Smart TV models represent quality home theater, with Quantum Dot technology featuring UltraWide Color Gamut for enhanced QLED color that produces more lifelike images. The new Q65 boasts rich QLED PRO color and enhanced brightness, ensuring more color volume. The High Brightness+ LED Backlight produces 28% more brightness for visceral viewing when watching movies, sports, or TV shows. The 85” and new 98” models have added a 120Hz panel refresh rate for the clearest possible fast motion, and Game Accelerator 240 for blistering fast 240 VRR Gaming, truly setting them apart. Stepping up, the new Q68 QLED adds Full Array Local Dimming for enhanced contrast. The model is also armed with TCL’s new High Brightness PRO LED Backlight, yielding up to 600 Peak Nits. This combination means the Q68 creates more dynamic images with greater specular highlights, which is especially important for HDR content.

In 2024, TCL significantly upgrades the Q7 to high-zone QD-Mini LED TV, becoming QM7. QD-Mini LED incorporates advanced optical technologies, developed by TCL, including the HEXA 6-in-1 LED Chip for high brightness with fine light control, the UWA Ultra-Wide-Angle lens system for enhanced image uniformity, and ODR LED Technology with Optical Distance Reduced to virtually eliminate image blooming.

TCL’s QM7 is premium Mini LED with up to 1,500+ precisely controlled dimming zones for deep black levels, and a High Brightness ULTRA LED Backlight with up to 2,400 Nits Peak for incredible brightness, yielding a 20% increase in brightness over its predecessor. However, it’s actually the quality of the QD-Mini LED optics and AiPQ Processing that truly sets it apart.

This first QD-Mini LED series also features QLED ULTRA color for up to 97%+ of DCI-P3 and 100% color volume, a 120Hz Panel Refresh Rate, and HDR ULTRA with Dolby Vision IQ, all controlled by the step-up TCL AiPQ PRO Processor, and with IMAX Enhanced Certification. QM7 also includes Game Accelerator 240 for up to 240 VRR gaming, Auto Game Mode (ALLM), Game Bar, and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, to satisfy even the most serious gamers. In addition, there is a new Onkyo 2.1 Channel Speaker System with built-in subwoofer for more bass, and the new slim FullView 360 Design, now with a height adjustable pedestal stand.

Building on the features of TCL’s new QM7, the award-winning flagship QM8 features new high-zone QD-Mini LED ULTRA with up to 5,000+ dimming zones, precise zone control utilizing TCL’s powerful AiPQ PRO Processor, and striking brightness with the new High Brightness ULTIMATE LED Backlight that delivers up to 5,000+ Nits Peak. That is a leap of over 2X the dimming zones and 2.5X the brightness than its predecessor, helping to set a new standard for premium Mini LED performance.

The QM8 also features an Anti-Glare Screen, enhanced audio with new Onkyo 2.1.2 channel speaker system and built-in up-firing Dolby Atmos drivers, Wi-Fi 6, and NEXTGEN TV. For consumers seeking a premium theater experience, in any home environment, TCL’s new QM8 is “The Ultimate Choice.” 

The QM8 family will now offer a new mega-size 115” model, which is the world’s largest QD-Mini LED TV. The QM89 features QD-Mini LED ULTIMATE, which incorporates an incredible 20,000 dimming zones for amazing contrast that is powered by the TCL AiPQ ULTRA Processor. This new top-level processor brings even more horsepower for unmatched picture performance, creating pristine imagery across a huge, vibrant screen for an immersive viewing experience that is second to none. Pairing its massive screen size with impressive sound, TCL adds a new Onkyo 6.2.2 channel speaker system, and of course all the key features of the QM8. Anyone looking to create “The Ultimate Home Theater” will be blown away by TCL’s new 115” television. 

The TCL Q Class Q65 is now available in a 43” model (43Q651G) at $499.99 MSRP, 50” model (50Q651G) at $549.99 MSRP, 55” model (55Q651G) at $599.99 MSRP, 65” model (65Q651G) at $749.99 MSRP, 75” model (75Q651G) for $1099.99 MSRP, 85” model (85Q651G) for $1599.99 MSRP, and 98” model (98Q651G) at $3999.99 MSRP.

The TCL Q Class Q68 is now available in a 55” model (55Q681G) at $699.99 MSRP, 65” model (65Q681G) at $899.99 MSRP, 75” model (75Q681G) for $1199.99 MSRP, and an 85” model (85Q681G) for $1999.99 MSRP.

TCL’s QM7 is now available in a 55” model (55QM751G) at $1099.99 MSRP, 65” model (65QM751G) at $1499.99 MSRP, 75” model (75QM751G) for $1999.99 MSRP, 85” model (85QM751G) for $2699.99 MSRP, and 98” model (98QM751G) at $7999.99 MSRP.

The QM8 is now available in a 65” model (65QM851G) at $1999.99 MSRP, 75” model (75QM851G) for $2699.99 MSRP, 85” model (85QM851G) for $3999.99 MSRP, and a 98” model (98QM851G) for $7999.99 MSRP. The QM89 (115QM891G) will be available in a whopping 115” model for $26,999.99 starting soon.

TCL S Class Smart TV

TCL’s S Class is a family of smart TVs. The S2 and S3 are smart and versatile models that will carry over in 2024. S2 is 720p HD, while S3 is 1080p Full HD with HDR (HDR10 & HLG) for enhanced resolution and contrast. All models have Direct LED Backlight with Dynamic Contrast, and FullView Metal Bezel-less Design. Many models also include a Voice Remote, Built-in Google Assistant, and Bluetooth Personal Audio.

TCL’s 2023 S4 is significantly enhanced for 2024, becoming the all-new smart and vivid S5. The S5 features an up to 25%+ increase in brightness thanks to its new High Brightness LED Backlight, and an Enhanced Color Gamut to ensure richer images. Setting the S5 apart from competing models at this level, TCL is now including its advanced AiPQ Processor – a first in the S Class – for images that are brighter, clearer, and more accurate. Additionally, for the first time, 55”+ S Class models get a significant gaming upgrade with Game Accelerator 120 for 120 VRR Gaming. Other new capabilities include HDR PRO+ with both Dolby Vision and HDR10+, Enhanced Dialog Mode, TV as Center Channel Mode, Custom Install Capability with Hospitality Mode, and the new FullView 360 Thin Metal Bezel-less Design. Of course, features such as Motion Rate 120 with MEMC, Dolby Atmos, DTS Virtual:X, Auto Game Mode (ALLM), Game Bar, and more continue.

TCL S Class S5 is available now in sizes ranging from 43” up to 85” models starting at $349.99 MSRP, from your favorite retailer.

TCL’s new 2024 S Class and Q Class models are available at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and other popular retailers.

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