Leading Electronics Brand Adds New 85” Television to Truly Bring the Cinema and Big Screen Gaming Experience Home


CORONA, CA, October 10, 2022 - Today TCL®, one of the world’s best-selling consumer electronics brands and a leading display technology innovator, enhanced its award-winning 6-Series line with a stunning 85” screen size. The new 85” premium model is the company’s largest mini-LED TV and represents the largest TCL 6-Series television ever offered. With other premium features like QLED quantum dot nanocrystals and HDR Pro Pack with Dolby Vision IQ, this new large-size model empowers viewers to experience cinematic and gaming-optimized performance like never before. Launched just last month, TCL’s upgraded 6-Series lineup now delivers consumers a super-sized TV with advanced technology and popular smart OS platform for superior picture quality and premium content

As entertainment demands call for larger screens, TCL is once again leading TV industry innovation by making premium big-screen sizes more accessible through its investments in new panel production facilities. Few fully integrated TV brands like TCL can deliver home theater solutions that replicate the cinema experience. With an 85” screen size offering deep color saturation and powerful clarity, TCL’s largest premium 6-Series model transforms the viewing experience with thousands of micro-meter class mini-LED backlights for uncompromised contrast and brilliantly smooth illumination. This TCL-pioneered mini-LED backlight technology powers 448 Contrast Control Zones, optimizing the image across individual zones, while AiPQ Engine™ technology uses machine-learning algorithms to intelligently enhance color, contrast, and clarity.

For true movie aficionados, the 85” TCL 6-Series is capable of delivering the deeply immersive experience found in the world’s biggest cinemas. Sitting about six feet back from the TV can deliver the same 60-degree field of view that is available from watching the gigantic 100-foot-wide screen from the middle row, center seats at the legendary TCL Chinese Theater in the heart of Hollywood. With many movies released straight to streaming services and instant access to the most popular channels offering the newest movies, creating a personal screening room has never been easier.

“By creating truly immersive entertainment experiences in the home and delivering unmatched value for consumers seeking premium picture quality with endless streaming content, TCL has maintained its position as one of the top two TV brands in the U.S. As a vertically integrated company, TCL has advantages in the large screen space and we are excited to be able to introduce the largest mini-LED TV within this critically acclaimed series,” said Chris Hamdorf, Senior Vice President, TCL. “Sales of big-screen TVs have grown significantly and as many more choose to invest in their home theaters, TCL is especially motivated to produce bigger screens that exceed the standards of larger-than-life entertainment. TCL’s 85” 6-Series represents this next stage in the TV industry – large-size, powerful televisions that deliver premier movie-going and game-playing experiences at an affordable price. We will continue to make the largest television screens with best-in-class imaging technology more accessible than ever.”

For more impactful, more immersive and more engaging visual experiences that transport viewers beyond the surface of a display, there is no substitute for a big-screen TV. Building on highly-reviewed picture performance, TCL continues to improve the foundations of a premium image—color, contrast, and clarity—by providing more color with Quantum Dot technology and wide color standards; more contrast with mini-LED backlight technology and Contrast Control Zone™ technology; and more clarity with new high dynamic range standards and display resolution.

Leading the industry by launching the world’s first big-screen with Quantum Dot (QLED) color technology, TCL continues to provide advanced color performance by delivering true-to-life colors and wider color volume. With focus on the DCI-P3 Hollywood reference color space, QLED color technology will deliver deeply saturated reds, stunning greens and spectacular blues without the limitations of lower color volume or shorter life found in other color technologies. Matching the format used by most cinema screens and content creators for exceptionally vivid and lifelike picture performance, there is a clear advantage to QLED color technology when combined with a powerfully bright TV. 

After introducing the world’s first TV with tens of thousands of micro-meter class mini-LEDs in North America three years ago, TCL continues to be a leader in deploying impactful display technologies. TCL’s innovation in mini-LED backlight technology delivers even more powerful display performance to customers—precision contrast, brilliant luminance, and smooth uniformity for incredible viewing in any environment. Featuring 448 Contrast Control Zones powered by mini-LED backlight technology for maximum detail, depth, and dimension, the new 85” 6-Series TCL TV sets the bar for televisions both in its class and beyond.

When it comes to clarity, TCL pays careful attention to pixel quality and picture performance accuracy paired with advanced audio processing technology to deliver total entertainment immersion. To ensure an immersive experience, HDR Pro Pack with Dolby Vision dramatically expands the color palette and contrast range using dynamic metadata to automatically optimize the picture. HDR Pro Pack now also features Dolby Vision IQ which uses the TV’s Auto Brightness ambient light sensor to dial in picture brightness and enhance viewing based on environmental light conditions. Furthermore, Dolby Atmos® audio technology transports you into the story with moving audio that flows all around you. With breathtaking realism and support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG, TCL’s AiPQ Engine technology uses machine-learning to intelligently engage three core picture quality algorithms—Smart HDR for vibrant color, Smart 4K Upscaling for sharp clarity, and Smart Contrast for dramatic depth.

The 85” TCL 6-Series features a bold, brushed metal design to go with powerful picture technologies and ultra-low input latency that serious gamers crave. Today’s game consoles and PC gaming set-ups demand the biggest, brightest and fastest TVs, so users can gain a competitive edge with Game Studio Pro™ which builds on Auto Game Mode for automatic and super-responsive gaming, Variable Refresh Rate up to 120Hz to keep up with intense game play through HDMI 2.1 ports, and AMD FreeSync Premium™ for optimal big-screen gaming performance. To complement its striking design, the 85” 6-Series is versatile and configurable for installation in any home theater or gaming room with 2-position configurable legs for use with longer or shorter TV furniture stands as well as easy cable management integrated into each TV leg.

The 85” TCL 6-Series TV (85R655) is now available for $1999.99 at Best Buy.com.

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