55" P3CUS Series
  • HDR
  • Curved Design
  • 4K UHD
  • Netflix
  • Youtube
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Curved Design
Curved design is the most optimal form for any display and allows more immersive experience with a wider viewing angle.

The degree of the curvature which is based on scientific calculations makes your eyes feel more comfortable and makes the images more real.

Metal Frame
Metal materials with good heat radiating effect,

it presents as a beautiful and safe art in your living room.

Edgeless Design
Adopting the innovative design of the ART5 edgeless display technology,

TCL TV can integrate with the furniture and decorations as a whole.

You will no longer be bothered by the TV frame when watching a movie.

Ture Color
The latest generation of TCL LED HD backlight is a milestone in LED HD backlight technology.

Its white LED HD backlight dramatically enhances the color gamut and provides a dynamic contrast.

HDR delivers greater picture contrast, enhances image details and brings vivid colors to life.
It is an upgrade to the current TV programming signal-standard. By using a unique algorithm, the TV panel backlight is adjusted
automatically and dimmed to boost the peak brightness of on-screen objects, consequently delivering a much wider brightness range.
Sports Mode
The optimization of images and sound allows audiences to enjoy the immersive feeling of live-action sports events.

And the auto REC function wouldn’t let any wonderful moment miss.

Micro Dimming
Micro Dimming analyses the TV content in hundreds of separate zones to adjust the brightness and darkness.
The picture quality is simply improved and pampers your eyes. You will enjoy a fantastic viewing experience with great contrast especially in dark.
TCL 4K UHD televisions reproduce in stunning details all shades of light,
natural colors for a truly immersive viewing experience via 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (4 x the number of pixels on Full HD TVs).
4K UHD Upscaling
TCL natural UHD TV applies a proprietary 2K-4K upscaling technology so that an FHD source
can be enhanced to stunning 4K level - delivering image fidelity higher than 90% - thereby delivering superb high-definition images.
Dolby Audio
Delivers immersive 5.1 surround sound with Dolby decoder which optimizes the TV’s sound quality.
Smart Volume
TCL TV’s Smart Volume feature automatically adjusts programming volume

thus eliminating sudden sound fluctuations typically experienced when switching channels or when television commercials air.

TCL TV+ UI system has the latest updated Movie, Music content and User Interface.

Users can find regular content updates and view your most recently viewed content at the press of a button.

As one of the world’s leading internet television with a huge range of popular content, Netflix has something for everyone.
You can watch TV shows recommended just for you, including award-winning Netflix original series, movies, and documentaries.
With YouTube, you can see what the world is watching in 4K quality– from the hottest music videos
to what’s trending in gaming,entertainment, news and more. Subscribe to channels you love, share with friends, and view on any device.
Watch Netflix in 4K HDR
Watch any movies in 4K HDR today, with a premium Netflix subscription.

Members will be able to enjoy more HDR content in the coming months.

T-cast is the integrated feature exclusive for TCL. It allows you to operate TV by using smartphone; Be able to
screenshot great moment of TV program and share on social media; Cast the latest movies and dramas to a bigger screen,
and also capable to cast video and audio to mobile device, you can enjoy the non-stopped entertainment in every corner of your home.
Enjoy your favorite on-demand content at a great lick through your existing network with built-in Wi-Fi.
HDMI 2.0
HDMI2.0 supports 4K resolution image with high transmission speed,

up to 4 audio streams could even provide a higher standard for better sound quality.



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