TCL at CES 2020
TCL at CES 2020

Making Life Intelligent

TCL is excited to announce all-new technologies and products at the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). We invite you to explore our latest technology and see how we plan to elevate your entertainment experience even further. From 8K clarity, revolutionary Mini-LED technology, all-new smartphones, and cutting-edge gaming performance, we want you to enjoy more.



More Pixels, More Clarity

8K & 8K Association Certified

More pixels means more image clarity.  Closer to reality at any distance, and especially engaging at the biggest TV screen sizes. Because of our belief in the future growth of 8K display technology, TCL has joined with other display industry leaders through the 8K Association to develop a new 8K Association Certified program. We're also excited to launch the first 8K TCL Roku TV later this year.  

TCL's 8K TVs will feature powerful upscaling performance to bring out a new sense of depth and clarity from today’s 4K content. And with support for the latest HDMI standards and on-board 8K decoding, these 8K TVs will be ready for future 8K content as new game consoles and streaming services come to the market this year.


Vidrian Mini-LED on Glass

Beyond the World's First Mini-LED TV

Vidrian™ Mini-LED Technology

TCL's next-generation Vidrian™ Mini-LED backlight uses thin film transistors embedded directly into the glass. This fusion of light and glass minimizes the filters between the backlight and LCD, allowing this Mini-LED technology to produce unrestrained illumination for powerfully bright and precise contrast as well as greater clarity.
With over 25,000 Mini-LEDs, Quantum Contrast powered by Vidrian Mini-LED technology delivers smoother and more even light distribution for enhanced uniformity throughout the picture. Vidrian makes more brilliant luminance possible, and it uses true innovation to deliver the simple joy of powerful picture performance.


THX Certified Gaming TV

Ready to Play

THX Certified Game Mode & Variable Refresh Rate

Gamers have spoken, and TCL listened. Variable refresh rate is coming as an automatic software update to select 2019 TCL Roku TV 6-Series models this Spring. That same variable refresh rate technology is also coming to select 2020 high-performance TVs later this year. And, with more gaming features like Auto Game Mode, LED Motion Clarity and 120Hz decoding, the gaming performance of TCL TVs will be unrivaled in the year ahead.

TCL is also launching the first THX Certified TVs featuring a THX Game Mode, delivering a new standard in big-screen gaming performance. With THX Game Mode, TCL TVs will transport you into the world of the game with rich, vibrant colors and dramatic contrast. You'll also gain a competitive edge with the most optimal viewing experience possible; never miss the action due to image smear, response time, or input lag, and enjoy the game as it was intended by the creators. With THX Certification, your TCL TV is guaranteed to deliver high performance and premium build quality.

TCL Mobile

Display Greatness

TCL Mobile

TCL is a leader in display technology, having secured its position as the No. 2 TV brand globally and being only one of three TV brands that's vertically integrated. Now, with the launch of TCL mobile devices, we're bringing our display expertise to a mobile form factor.

Our new line of smartphones will feature TCL NXTVISION™, a proprietary advanced display optimization and camera technology. With NXTVISION, you'll be able to see your screen come to life with enriched color, clarity and contrast, enhanced in real-time along with an elevated camera experience.


True Wireless Headphones

True Wireless Headphones

SOCL & ACTV Headphones

TCL has already demonstrated that we can provide sound performance that exceeds anything in similar price bands. In 2020, TCL will focus on the trends that matter most to consumers. That's why we're introducing a selection of True Wireless headphones.

Available in SOCL and ACTV models, these headphones feature a true wireless design that eliminates the hassle of cords and keeps you focused solely on your music.


TCL Ray Danz and Dolby Atmos

Cinematic Sound

Alto 9+ 3.1 Channel Sound Bar

The Alto 9+ 3.1 channel sound bar features Dolby Atmos and TCL's RAY·DANZ technology to deliver an immersive cinematic experience. The unique RAY·DANZ acoustic reflector expands the sound bar’s soundstage to levels that were previously impossible without additional drivers, while at the same time providing clear dialogue and powerful bass. In addition to wireless music streaming, the Alto 9+ is equipped with specialized sound modes that are fine-tuned to deliver optimal performance for Movies, Music, and News.

And because it's optimized for Roku TV, we're once again bringing simplicity to the the home theater through the thoughtful use of technology, allowing you to simply enjoy more.