TCL’s award-winning 6-Series has come to be synonymous with Powerful Performance. What started several years ago as a TV known as much for value as it was for picture quality has evolved into a TV with industry-leading technologies like our second-generation Mini-LED backlight technology and vibrant QLED wide color.

This elusive balance of value and performance had one tech reviewer sum up the 6-Series very simply as the “best picture quality for the money I've tested this year.”

As one of the top two best-selling brands in the US (and producing more than 32,000,000 TVs last year globally!), we knew the updated 6-Series had big shoes to fill.

How do we do that? “More Cowbell” …oops… I mean “More Resolution!”

More Powerful Pixels

There are MANY things to love about the amazing new 8K 6-Series, from bold design to incredible Ai-powered picture, but the big headline is that it is now available with 8K resolution. 

Think about this: not long ago, everyone was watching Standard Definition TV. That was made up of about 400,000 pixels. It was great at the time, but in just a few short years, it’s nearly impossible to find a TV 55” and larger that isn’t 4K.

Now, we are introducing 8K which brings those 400,000 pixels go up to a mind-blowing 33,000,000 pixels! If the same advancement happened to cars, a car in 1998 with 200 horsepower would now have over 17,000 horsepower!

Simply put, more resolution (all those pixels) means a sharper image. 

Visuals that Aren’t Just Better, But Smarter

Fun Fact: There isn’t that much 8K content out there yet (yet being the operative word). Just like every advancement in resolution, the industry is hard at work developing AMAZING 8K content for you right now to enjoy. But as everything technological in our world in advancing, so too is the amazing upscaling prowess on our TVs. 

The non-tech explanation of upscaling is taking a lower resolution signal (e.g. an older episode of a 1980’s sitcom) and having the TV “add pixels” to fill in the whole picture. If our 8K TVs did not upscale, an older TV show would only fill up about 1/8 of the TV screen (remember 400,000 pixels vs 33,000,000 pixels).

The great news is that our new AiPQ Engine™ technology, which is driven by machine-learning algorithms matched with deep expertise in human visual perception, optimizes color, contrast, and clarity for an unrivaled experience.

In fact, our previous upscaling engine worked so well, that a professional reviewer wrote that “1080p content looks excellent, almost as good as native 4k content.”

We expect nothing less than spectacular from our new AiPQ Engine in the 8K 6-Series.

Unmatched Color, Contrast, Clarity

SO, an amazingly sharp picture, Ai-powered smarts…what else ya’ got?! Lots!!

Color is delivered by the gold standard of TV color performance—QLED (Quantum Dot). Not only are there over a billion brilliant colors, but it’s combined with our industry-leading Mini-LED backlight for truly powerful performance. In short, that’s the part of the TV that gives us bright whites and deep blacks, and when combined with QLED you get brilliant colors in both a dark room, and a bright environment (where other TV technologies struggle).

Contrast is made even better when that AMAZING Mini-LED backlight is paired with TCL’s Contrast Control Zone technology, which divides the screen into as many as 240 zones that individually control brightness for the most impactful contrast.

The Perfect Playthrough

And if you are a gamer, hold on to your controller (seriously, hold on to it...those things are expensive).

The new 6-Series has it all: Variable Refresh Rate (up to 120Hz), an Auto Game Mode (ALLM), 120Hz HDMI Input decoding (up to 4K resolution), and of course 8K.

Plus, for the best gaming experience, it has an industry exclusive THX® Certified Game Mode—a picture mode that delivers incredible gaming response times without compromising picture quality. And getting the most of your gaming performance is as simple as starting your game, the TV takes care of the rest!

Endless Entertainment

All of this is backed by the easy-to-use Roku TV operating system. Simple doesn’t begin to describe how you can control your TV with the simple remote or even just your voice. It doesn’t get much easier than simply saying, “Play Loki on Disney Plus,” and having it start playing. Bonus: it will be in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, the reference standard in picture and sound quality!

Lastly, while beauty may only be skin deep, there’s lots to love about how the new 8K 6-Series looks. A nearly invisible bezel is complemented by a premium center-mount TV stand, with built-in cable management, for a striking look even when it’s powered off.

Looks to me like the new 8K 6-Series has what it takes to fill those GIANT shoes after all!