To paraphrase Terrence Mann from Field of Dreams: “The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been picture quality.” 

Picture quality has always been at the forefront of a customer’s mind when deciding to buy a TV. At TCL, our goal of delivering a great user experience begins with answering our customers’ most important demands. Bigger screens? For 2019 we go up to 75-inch. Sharper picture? We got your 4K right here! Better contrast? With Quantum Contrast, we are literally redefining what great contrast means on an LED TV. And this year, we’re also ensuring that the amazing colors our customers deserve are there as well with Quantum Dot (QLED) color technology!

Color Technology Refresher

To help understand what this means, we will do a quick TV Color 101 refresher (this is the boring part).  Picture a triangle. The three corners are red, green, and blue. Within that triangle are all the colors your TV could potentially produce. TVs, very simply put, light various intensities and combinations of red, green, and blue lights to generate all those colors. Remember learning about colors in grade school, e.g. red + green = yellow? It’s kind of like that, but with a billion different combinations!

color triangleNow, for various reasons, it is VERY difficult for a TV to reproduce ALL the colors in that triangle. Ever been in a store that has a wall of TVs all on the same channel, and a blue or pink screen comes on and there are huge variations in the colors? That’s an example of different manufacturers trying to “hit the corners” of that triangle. 

An easy way to identify if a TV will have better color performance – and color accuracy – is if its marketed as having “wide color.” From that designation you can infer that the TV will fill out more of that color triangle.

At TCL, for years we’ve used our own proprietary NBP Photon Technology to deliver exactly that—wide color gamut. With this technology we show all of the great colors that content creators used to set the mood in movies and TV shows and effectively tell their stories. 

Recently, the adoption of HDR and Dolby Vision, has given moviemakers the ability to use even more colors to tell their stories. With these technologies, movies and TV shows have never had the potential to look better! 

Enter Quantum Dots

So now I’m…finally…getting to Quantum Dot technology. You might also know Quantum Dot by its other commonly used name, QLED. TCL has long been at the forefront of this technology, having made the world’s first big-screen TV with QLED in China over five years ago.

Essentially, QLED is the “layer” of the TV that produces the color, like where we’ve used NBP photon technology in some TV models. What QLED brings to the party is both more colors and BETTER colors. To put it simply, QLED color technology can fill up 100% of the color triangle.

What You'll See with QLED

With Quantum Dot, TCL TVs can deliver more lifelike color. In our business, one of the reference colors we talk about with customers is “Coca-Cola red.”  It’s a very specific shade of red that we see all the time. QLED allows that red is devoid of any orange hues that you might see with other technologies. Simply put, QLED displays its colors with great precision, so reds won’t look orange-ish, greens won’t look yellow-ish, and blues won’t look purple-ish.

So, of all the components that determine picture quality, TCL delivers on all fronts. And, with our newest generation of the award-winning 6-Series and the revolutionary 8-Series, both use Quantum Dot technology to deliver striking color. As these TVs start to hit the shelves in the coming weeks, we encourage you to take a look and enjoy our BEST picture to date!