America Recycles Day is next Friday, November 15. Each year millions of people across the country take part in America Recycles Day to raise awareness about recycling and the purchasing of recycled products.

As a sustainability leader advancing convenient and affordable consumer recycling solutions, America Recycles Day is a holiday that’s very near and dear to us. TCL strives to raise electronics recycling awareness every day, while we also strive to elevate our own sustainability goals.

For these efforts, TCL received the EPA Gold-Tier Award earlier this year in the Agency’s Sustainable Materials Management Challenge. More recently, our environmental advocacy efforts were recognized at the 5th annual Television Industry Advocacy Awards in Hollywood. In 2020, TCL plans to bring electronics recycling drop-off events to additional areas across America, to set a new standard in corporate responsibility and assist local communities in managing this growing challenge.

Today, we encourage all consumers to learn more about electronics recycling and how they can properly dispose of their old electronics. There’s simply no better day to learn how we can all do our part, so here are five things you should do on America Recycles Day:

1. Learn How to Recycle Your Electronics

Don’t toss that tech! Learn how to recycle televisions and other electronics products in your area by visiting TCL’s own Sustainability and Electronics Recycling resources. Before you throw out any wires, plugs, chargers, and other electronics accessories, drop them off at a participating local electronics store for recycling. Many retailers offer free drop-off for these smaller items, so be sure to take advantage of this before tossing them in the trash. And if you’re in the LA-area, join us at our upcoming America Recycles Day event on November 15!

2. Make Recycling a Habit

America Recycles Day is about making recycling a part of your routine throughout the year. Make recycling the norm in your household so that you automatically make smarter choices that result in a positive impact on the environment.

Remember that even the smallest changes can have the biggest impact. At TCL, we’ve made changes in our office to become better stewards of the environment and we encourage every home and office to do the same. You can start by taking bags to the supermarket instead of accepting plastic bags, or using canvas hampers to sort cans, bottles, and other recyclable material at home.

3. Always Minimize Waste

While it’s important to understand your options when it comes to recycling, it’s also important to minimize trash overall. Be mindful of the number of disposable items you bring into your home in the first place. Again, small changes every day can help reduce waste, like bringing lunch to work in reusable containers or using refillable water bottles when you can.

4. Know What’s Recyclable…and What Isn’t

Make sure that items you recycle are actually recyclable! Many people throw items into the recycling bin because they “believe” they should be recyclable, like garden hoses, used pizza boxes, a pile of broken glass, or plastic grocery bags. Always check to make sure what you recycle is on the list of acceptable items. Doing this simple thing will actually reduce costs for everyone and benefit communities everywhere.

5. Are you in Southern California? Join Us!

Join TCL as we host our first free electronics recycling event at the Rose Bowl Stadium on America Recycles Day next Friday, November 15. From 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. PDT in Parking Lot K South, we invite you to join us for exclusive giveaways, food from In-N-Out Burger, and music from KROQ, to raise awareness around the accessibility of electronics recycling.

This event is just one small part of TCL’s commitment to promote electronics recycling education and outreach throughout America, and we hope to see you there!