You could call Loviel "Velly" Cardwell an esports renaissance man. In the ever-evolving world of content creation and competitive gaming, Velly’s forced to wear plenty of hats to stay on top of his craft. We caught up with Velly to chat about his newest role as a desk host for the Call of Duty League, his favorite games right now, and his first CES experience with TCL.

Q: We’ve been big fans for a while, but for those who do not know you, who is Loviel “Velly” Cardwell?

A: I’m just a regular guy with a microphone that LOVES video games! I’m a host for the Call of Duty League and let me tell you - it’s the best job in the world! I am fortunate enough to travel around the WORLD to host large, international gaming events and it’s a dream that I hope never ends!

Call of Duty League Host
Call of Duty League Host

What was the first video game you couldn’t get enough of?

That is the easiest question in the world! It’s Final Fantasy VII. That game had me hooked forever and I loved it. The storyline was the best and the characters were sooo easily lovable. The side characters along with the worldbuilding is the best that I’ve ever known and there’s nothing like it!

What got you into esports?

I was once in San Francisco with my mom, and we saw some tents and a lot of people in an unusual spot. My mom looked at me and said, “let’s check it out.” That forever changed my life. The event was WCG 2007, and it was something like I’ve never seen before! I randomly met a really nice guy and after playing Halo with him, he told me all about what the World Cyber Games were, and he introduced me to esports. Later on I realized that his name was Walshy and that he’s one of the most legendary players of all time in all of gaming! We’re friends today and I always get flashbacks of that day. I’m forever grateful to have met him!

Now that you’re casting for Call of Duty League, what do you love about the league and its fans?

I’ve just wrapped up the Texas Major and let me tell you - the fans are INSANE! The atmosphere, the hype, the NOISE. It was all a 10/10 throughout the entire event! The fans are passionate and the players are larger than life. It’s a mix of high stakes competition and video games for the perfect amount of entertainment.

What is it about Call of Duty that you are most excited for?

The storylines! This year, 50% of the league was filled by rookies and I’ve always loved an underdog story. With some of the most exciting teams owning some of the flashiest rookies out there, you just KNOW that this year will be full of upsets and surprises.

Outside of Call of Duty, what other games are you currently playing?

League of Legends and Valorant are my thing!! Whenever I want to relax, nothing beats turning on some music and playing League of Legends. It’s my escape.

This year you got to join team TCL at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. What was your experience like at the biggest show in Tech?

When I got to join TCL at CES, it was a dream come true. I’ve always heard of CES, but I’ve never been able to attend. This year, it was phenomenal seeing how big and awesome TCL’s booth was! It was cool to engage with tech that I’ve never before put my hands on! From the phones to TCL’s TVs, I was in heaven! It also helped that there was a big crowd that came by to see us demo the products! I really look forward to checking out the surprises that TCL has along the way because they love making a statement.

CES 2022
CES 2022

How would you describe the relationship between technology and gaming?

Technology and gaming go hand in hand! Now, I’m a movie guy, so I really love a great TV, but sometimes those aren’t the best for gaming. Being a techie and a minimalist, I’m always looking at getting the biggest bang for my buck. By having a HUGE TV that I can enjoy movies on while also having a great refresh rate for gaming!? With that I’ll be in heaven, and that’s why I appreciate companies like TCL that really care about gamers!

What are pieces of technology in your life that you cannot live without?

  • Phones (I am a social media and gaming junkie and I can’t help it!)
  • TVs! I’m a gamer and I LOVE movies! Anything that’s big and vibrant, with a great refresh rate as well, will steal my heart.
  • Anything weirdly cool. I love innovation and the TCL NXTWEAR AIR glasses are right up my alley. As someone that travels a lot, how cool is it to sit on a plane with a pair of those? That would make flights SO much better! I don’t know about you all, but I would love my own big screen entertainment center while I’m in the air.
5-Series Gaming TV
5-Series Gaming TV

If someone wants to catch up with you, where can they find you?

You can EASILY catch me on Twitter and Instagram under the same handle!

As the Official TV of Call of Duty, we love watching the best of the best compete. For more Call of Duty action, and to see Velly on the desk, start streaming on your TCL TV.